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    I plan to be in Vieques and looking for VZW rates. I searched here and on the VZW site and even spoke to VZW but cannot get a straight answer.

    Does anyone have experience or know what the Verizon rates are in Puerto Rico?

    I have the Nationwide Email 900 Minutes Unlimted BB plan. (I assume Nationwide and America's Choice are included here.)

    Based on the information below, it seems my plan should cover voice and data but VZW says I need to pay 69 cents/minute and upgrade my data to the Int'l Plan:

    From the VZW website:


    Additional Roaming Details
    Most of Puerto Rico is included in the Nationwide and Americas Choice Coverage Areas. If you roam out of the Nationwide or Americas Choice coverage area, you will be charged $.69 per minute. Please use your device's banner as an indicator of your roaming status. Click here to view the approximate coverage areas.


    Monthly Access Plan: Included in the Domestic Plan
    Pay Per Use Plan: Domestic Rate
    07-23-09 02:14 PM
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    1800-711-8300 Verizon Global Team.
    07-23-09 02:16 PM
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    Looking at the coverage map you should be ok for the most part. Anywhere out of the coverage area you will pay .69 cents a min. My advice would be to use data, email and text instead of voice. Puerto Rico is a territory of the US and one does not need a passport to travel to and from. With that in mind Verizon can and does have coverage/roaming agreements in place so you you shouldn't need an international plan as long as you stay in the coverage area. Either turn the device off or don't use it when outside the coverage area.

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    07-23-09 03:00 PM