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    I am thinking of making the switch from my Moto Razor to a BB, but I am not sure which one to get. The 8130 can save me about $100 over the 8830, but that wouldn't keep me from getting the 8830 if it was really that much better.

    What are the main differences other than the camera (8130) or the dual service (8830)? Does one have more features or feel better or function better than the other?

    I mainly want a GREAT reception, the capability of jotting down notes or thoughts, works well with a BT headset...the camera would be nice...the music feature is not important. When the BB rings does the picture of the caller show up on the screen? I have to buy a Verizon package of either $25 OR $50 a month for the BB Data? Would the $25 be enough just to check email a couple times a day?

    As you can see I have no idea about BB's other than I heard they were great. I've been to their website but it doesn't really answer these questions. Thanks in advance for any replies.
    11-14-07 06:44 PM
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    First off welcome to CB! I have had both and I made the jump to the Pearl. There are a couple of differences between the 2. Seems like you know what they are. The biggest thing you need to ask your self is, do I want a full keyboard or a "sure type" keyboard. The camera is super nice on the pearl! Yes the picture does show up on both when that caller is calling. I would say get the Pearl, you have the 30 test drive that Verizon offers.

    Hope that helps,

    11-14-07 07:09 PM
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    Thanks for your comments Chad...since you are using the 8130 on the Verizon network, can you tell me about the $25 vs. $50 unlimited plan? What exactly is the 8130 user paying for; the right to use the web or is it a BB fee to retreive emails? I am in an office all day and can check mail personal emails on the computer...those few times I am away from home and the office I would like to be able to check my emails a couple of times a day but would spend NO TIME on the internet, so I was wondering if the $25 plan would be enough for me. I realize I could change very quickly to the unlimited program but I already spend $200 a month for three phones and 1400 minutes on Verizon's family plan, so I am interest in the long-term costs of owning the BB. Thanks again.
    11-15-07 06:13 AM
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    Sounds like we have the same plan! I have 4 lines tho. I have the 29.99 a month and works for me just fine! I say get the 29.99 and love your BB until the day comes to get a new one! Might I recomend getting empowered HTML mail viewer for 9.99 of the CB store. Just have to wait for them to develope the 4.3 for us. Hope that helps


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    11-15-07 06:18 AM
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    Thanks again Chad...I am just about ready to buy the 8130 and the $30 plan based on your replies. One last question...what is the $30 plan tied into Verizon or RIM? Does that give us access to their services or Verizon? I'm just not sure how that works. I use Comcast Broadband for my internet so I have a comcast.net email address. How does the BB pickup my emails? Thanks...
    11-15-07 08:40 PM
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    The 30.00 is what Verizon offers for a unlimited amount of data usage. So if you are in a airport waiting to board your plane and you just remembered that your sports team is playing you are able to access the website from your BB to get the sports highlight. When you go to register your email(as it will prompt you) you will just enter your email address and password and it will link to your comcast inbox. As soon as you get an email it will be pushed directly to your BB. I have Gmail and Yahoo. Sometimes I will get my mail on my BB before it hit my Gmail Inbox. I'm almost 110% sure that you WILL love you new BB. Plus if you ever have any questions you can get them on here!

    11-15-07 08:52 PM
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    I will agree with the choice with the Pearl. I'm on day number 3 with mine and have become a little more experienced with the Pearls typing. It will take a couple days for it to learn the words you regularly type but then it speeds along. What threw me off was hitting a button and the wrong letter would pop up, I would backspace and correct it. But once I kept typing the word I noticed the phone figuring it out.

    Reception is awesome, and the txt and email is by far the best I've even experienced.
    11-17-07 12:10 PM
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    Thanks for your comments. I am 99% sure I will order the 8130...my main concern is using it as a phone so reception is VERY important to me, as well as clarity and volume. I also like to take a picture now and then and I especially like the phone pops up when a caller calls. Next I am interested in using it as a message or note pad to remind me of things. Then on the list would be retrieving email once in a while. I don't do too much text messaging. How is the screen for viewing in the sunlight or outdoors? How good does the BT headsets work? Thanks again.
    11-17-07 02:00 PM
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    Again, you have nothing to worry about! You are stating what you want and the pearl will deliver! As far as sunlight goes its perfect! It has a auto sensor in the BB to tell it when it needs to dim when there is to much light, and when to brighten up when there isn't enough light. People have said they have had a little trouble with their BT headset not staying connected. I on the other had have not had any problems with this issue. I have tested it on my H700, Jawbone, Plantronics, and even my SamSung WEP. If I may be blunt Cory, I say jump in and get your self a baby Pearl! You will NOT be disappointed!!!

    Click aka Chad
    11-17-07 02:07 PM
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    Gee Chad...you really do get your email FAST on your BB, or else you are always on the computer! Glad to hear that the Moto H700 works because I have the H850, so maybe I'll have good luck. They just past a law 11/10 in PA that you have to use a headset when driving.
    11-17-07 02:18 PM
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    Yea, I have my BB on me 24/7! I live in Ohio and we are getting ready to pass the law! I'm at home and I have my H700 on right now. Its so much easier to be handsfree! Let me know when you get your Pearl.

    11-17-07 02:23 PM
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    Hey Chad...I just ordered it! Probably be here by Tuesday or Wednesday I would imagine. Thanks again for your help.
    11-17-07 03:05 PM
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    I heard that the pearl doesnt have an earphone jack but the world phone does? Does that mean you have to listen to music or youtube from a wireless earphone set on the pearl? how does that work?
    11-18-07 12:04 PM
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    Don't know where you heard that. I have a earphone jack. And I have a pearl. Hmmmm


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    11-18-07 12:45 PM
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    if you ordered it from verizon and they send it fedex you better be there when it comes or they wont leave it for you,,,

    i know.

    11-18-07 12:50 PM
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    Db, I got some thing from tkem and had to wait 2 days to get it because Verizon never told me that I have to be home to sign for it. I was so mad that I had to wait for and extended battery for my chocolate at the time. Blah!!!

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    11-18-07 01:23 PM
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    Thanks for the warning "Daddybear", but I covered myself by having it sent to work, so I will be there to sign for it...and if, for some reason, I have to step out...SOMEBODY will be there! The shipping notice had FEDEX 2 Day picked it up and it should be here by Wednesday.
    11-18-07 02:31 PM
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    I'm about to upgrade my ancient non-crackberry phone, and I'm looking at the pearl 8130 or the 8830.

    The pearl has a camera, the 8830 does not. Are both GPS enabled? Are the only advantages that the 8830 has the full keyboard and ability to work in other countries? Neither can edit stuff like word documents right?

    I'm open to either one, but if there's no real benefits to the 8830, I'd prefer the less bulky 8130. What were the decision criteria you used when making the decision between the two?

    12-11-07 01:18 PM
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    Remember with GPS and Verizon .... you can't just use BB Maps or Google Maps or any other software except VZ Navigation which costs $2.99 a day or $9.99 a month. Once you subscribe to VZ Navigator supposedly you can use other mapping software to use the built in GPS. Grrrr.....
    12-11-07 02:31 PM
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    Yeah, I read all of that stuff about the GPS. It kind of blows, but verizon coverage really is superior in the areas that I'll be, so I'll have to deal I guess. Two questions about that though: 1. Is VZ nav effective or does it conk out a lot. 2. Can you really use true GPS if (like blackberry maps) if you are paying the VZ nav price?
    12-11-07 08:40 PM
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    I just went with the VZ Pearl, the other guy was just too big! I have been able to use all google apps - gmail and maps! And I don't really know about the GPS feature/VZ nav but I am not paying for VZ nav and I can fully utilize google maps. And it is extremely convenient in los angeles, I can check the traffic before I get on the highway. Anyways google maps somehow knows where I'm at to within 1700 yards, so I guess that means the GPS is working? And when I am on the highway it is exact and auto refreshes every 5 seconds or so. It must just use some google math to guess I'm on the highway when bombing down the 10 at 80, haha - since you can't really bomb down pico or olympic at 80, that would just be dangerous. Anyways its great no complaints yet.

    Pearl is smaller, has a camera and video cam. 8830 is big as my macbook, but has a full size keyboard and can be used in other countries, but u have to pay VZ out the *** before u can use that feature.
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    12-13-07 06:56 PM
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    I have a Pearl with Verizon and LOVE IT. It is much smaller than the 8830, and the SureType is a breeze. Use it for a while and it will begin to better predict what you are saying, making your typing even faster.

    As far as Google Maps, they use cell tower signals to pinpoint your location (they say w/in 1000m). I'm not sure how great of a navigator it is - I prefer to use my Garmin navigator in the car. You can definitely use Google Maps and the BB Maps, but Verizon has the GPS function turned off so you have to pay them to use their nav system. I do not use it.

    Emailing is a breeze (I use Gmail), and it does have the picture/video camera. I use my notepad all the time - it's been great taking notes while shopping during the holidays! My BB has really helped me get and stay organized. I also use the alert feature on my calender, so I can get messages sent to me as reminders.

    I also agree 100% with everything Leach has said. You will LOVE your Pearl. Great choice! Now come back to CB and get some free goodies - I am loving the Christmas theme right now! Takes about 1 minute to download and set up. Good luck!
    12-19-07 03:32 PM