1. redneck6497's Avatar
    HI All,

    I have a 9930 on VZW. When accessing the internet, maps, pandora, etc. it is miserably slow while on 3G. When I go on Pandora, it takes 50 seconds to DL the first song (5 on my att ipad!) [and the BB is set for the lowest quality]. Also, with Pandora, it cuts in and out b/c it can't keep up. Is there anything I can do???

    Is there any way to do a speed test?

    Is anyone else having an issue???
    06-06-12 10:45 AM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Vzw's data speeds suck lately.
    06-06-12 11:02 AM
  3. mysticmeg's Avatar
    Sounds like this verizon network is a bit of a flip flop and hate all their blackberry users!
    06-06-12 11:26 AM
  4. cbreze's Avatar
    Their crap 3G speeds are across all their devices not just BB's. If you check other forums there are threads aplenty regarding this issue. Perhaps their strategy to get people to go for a new shiny 4G device. Problem with that logic is their LTE network is pretty damn skimpy right now unless your in a bigger city. Also, throttling talk abounds as well. Either way, agreed their speeds are crap compared to how they used to be.
    06-06-12 12:12 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    I noticed last week their data speeds were really slow. But mine is now fine, probably hasn't been this good in a while.
    06-06-12 12:32 PM
  6. Super_Mario's Avatar
    Hmmm, I have no issues, 3G or 4G... Maybe because I don't have a Blackberry?
    06-06-12 08:27 PM
  7. cbreze's Avatar
    No BB here either supermario, probably different areas have different speeds at different times. If your in a good 3G speed area your one of the lucky few.
    06-07-12 10:33 AM
  8. shava9865's Avatar
    Mine has been slow for quite some time now. I'm getting very frustrated with Verizon btw the pricing changes and not so up-to-par data speeds. What am I really paying for? This is getting out of control!
    06-13-12 08:09 PM
  9. pr1nce's Avatar
    Verizon data seems to be a little slower or sluggish today.
    06-17-12 06:40 PM
  10. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have noticed the same thing all day. Also dropping calls today in places where I have never dropped a call before.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850 using Tapatalk
    06-17-12 07:37 PM
  11. redneck6497's Avatar
    totally! This is so aggravating. I put apple device against apple device just to make sure it wasn't just BB ... my wife's VZW iphone is always under 1mbps usually somewhere b/t 400-800kbps. My ATT ipad2 (on 3G) is always > 1mbps, and lately its been around 4+! Amazing!
    We won't even talk about upload speed!

    VZW show 3G some love!
    06-29-12 10:15 AM