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    I remember last year google was getting some bad reports when it was discovered it kept all search information for 2 years and the users had no idea their search was being retained

    apparently they tried to justify by saying it was trying to forecast developement trend and need
    06-14-09 03:47 PM
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    It isn't just your cell phone, there are records for landlines, too. This goes back at least 30 years. The data used to be referred to as NPI (network proprietary information) at least by BST. The FCC controls who can see the data, short of court orders.

    This data now shows not only who a user calls, but also generically where the user goes.

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    Thanks for the logical answer that was right on par with the subject and answered it exactly as needed.

    I did say "like" - and Fox is starting to sound more & more like the others everyday.

    The big thing is, don't sit there & swallow what the media outlets say. Use skepticism & verify what they tell you. For whatever reason, each has an agenda and that agenda may not be based on protecting the Constitution, much like tolerating/defending the practice of monitoring/recording cell phone & ISP use isn't in line with Constitutional premises.

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    *puts on tinfoil hat*

    There I'm safe, feel free to disperse back to your world.
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