1. Otto
    Starting Oct. 28 Verizon began offering a $15 150mb data plan.
    Since I only use my BB for corporate email I don't need the "unlimited plan" which costs $30. Figuring I could save fifteen bucks a month I called VZW to switch plans. But they refused to do it because I subscribe to BES.

    My employer gives me a $50 allowance month for data expenses on my BB.
    But I can spend that reimbursement any way I like. BTW, it's my phone and my number not the companies and yes, i'm a cheap ba$****.
    If I could take my BB to another provider, I'd drop Verizon like ...
    10-31-10 02:20 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Wow, you could have done without the last crude phrase. It was offensive and unnecessary.

    It doesn't sound to me like Verizon is "jerking your chain". BES requires a different plan and costs more than a BIS plan. It also sounds like you are "getting over" on your employer already. Wow.
    10-31-10 07:38 AM
  3. lunghd_2's Avatar
    I understand Otto's sense of humor and frustration w/ VZW perfectly; those of us with a similar sense of humor generally don't worry too much with being "p.c." for those around us to relate a situation. Maybe we should, but we generally would just place 1 thumb to nose and go "Phhht!". People either "get the joke" or remain miffed.

    He's not "getting over" - it's a fixed allowance toward an approved expense. He could easily choose to get a SUPER DOOPER plan that costs him much more and the company would still only provide $50 towards it. As he stated - it's a reimbursement, not a direct payment.

    Otto: Can you set up your BB without the BES or do you need that to sync up with your company files? I'm guessing that you need the BES to access your company's servers???
    I'm with you: saving $180/yr buys a lot of happy meals... if you don't have to deal with $180 of aggravation trying to work around a dozen programs & apps that need to sync.
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    10-31-10 07:54 AM
  4. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    I agree, BES is a more expensive plan than BIS or plain web ande email for other smartphones, which I imagine the $15 plan was targeted towards (consumers not business lines). If your company is paying you for the plan anyway, why not just keep the unlimited and not get all bent out of shape because you don't get to essentially make a few dollars more at your company's expense. If they didn't anticipate the phone service being that expensive, they would almost surely cut the allowance down. I can't see a company spending money on employees if it doesn't have to.
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    10-31-10 07:57 AM