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    Hello CrackBerry and Verizon users,

    I do not know if anyone has encountered this yet at a Verizon store, But every time my wife and i have gone into a Verizon store in the area to upgrade my wifes phone we get alot of hassle by choosing BlackBerry. My wife has played around with my 9930 and loves it and wants one for herself. But the sales rep push her towards Androids and iPhones. Which is rather frustrating for myself and my wife.

    It makes me mad that these sales reps are dissing BlackBerry like this. I got a job offer as a sales rep for Verizon and when i get out of the Marine Corps i hope to Change this view on BlackBerry at these stores.

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    08-10-12 09:28 AM
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    All honesty I switched to VZW, and had previously been with Sprint [all the way back to 1995 in the Baltimore/D.C. area when I was station at the Pentagon], and learned VZW is a primarily Android driven carrier, particularly with Droid brand phones. When they received access to the iPhone profit margins on those were just as desirable. I realized this before I switched because many people had told me to expect that attitude against BlackBerry. My first BlackBerry was the 850 when, at the time, I dumped my new Motorola TalkAbout T900 [that was before they could be used for phone calls] and I have had a BlackBerry as my primary device as my primary voice device ever since '03.

    Needless to say, just forget about the VZW stores and their attitudes towards BlackBerry. I actually wanted to make sure no VZW store employee made any direct commissions off my purchases so I bought all the phones on our plan online.

    I recommend buying online if you want to stick it to the sales representatives. I am not entirely sure how they are compensated, but when I told the representative I was purchasing online after I was annoyed, I have to imagine by the reaction of the representative I was dealing with that they receive some kind of commission.
    08-10-12 04:08 PM
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    BB devices has a really good data compression. I currently have the lowest data plan (2GB) and I barely hit a gigabyte monthly.

    It about money. iPhones and Android devices data compression is not that great COMPARED to BB devices. You can easily go over 2GB with both devices especially if you are "app crazy". VZW will promote those phones more not only because they are the trend but also because the opportunity to get more money for data.

    Now some are smart enough to understand this and use apps or do downloading over a WiFi connected network, but some aren't. Also, many users are not properly trained by VZW Reps on how to properly close apps and the browser. I've been to the store a few times this past years and there's never a quick tutorial given to the customers. No, it shouldn't be the rep's obligation but that knowledge of properly managing data is key. Many users will get the phone and download apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or etc. and start to use them and just exit out of the app but the app is still running in the background - transferring data back and forth. This is the same with the internet browser.

    Again, just my opinion.

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    08-10-12 04:42 PM
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    I appreciate your inputs on the subject. I understand compensation rates to come into factor. Two sales reps told me that BlackBerry was already out of business and would not be making new phones. I chuckled at this.

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    08-10-12 05:08 PM
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    You sort of have to laugh now nowadays... And the most funny part about it those sales floor representative probably actually think they can cause the demise of BlackBerry single handedly with misguided actions... Oh what kids think they can do when fed with the fuel of 'peer-pressure' at least most of the representatives here are kids...

    For real though, online ordering FTW
    08-10-12 05:15 PM
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    As well Best buy has 9930 with 2 yr upgrade or activation for 99.99 vs Verizon store at 239
    i think.

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    08-10-12 05:37 PM
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    Semper Fi Marine, unfortunately this is a all to familiar "happening" at ALL carrier stores in North America. It's called lack of advertising or substandard RIM marketing department. Hopefully this will change in the coming months.
    08-10-12 07:05 PM
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    This is very common place now a days but its starting to turn around and I see sales moving up in the near future.

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    08-11-12 10:15 AM