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    While I hesitate to complain about not having a Storm by now after ordering in the VZW store at 11:33 AM ET, I question the technology that the VZW uses for orders/shipping.

    If I complain about not having it, I run the risk of being labeled a whiner, a baby, Un-American, someone who needs a life, a guy who lives in his mother's basement etc.

    My point of frustration is VZW inability to provide timely information to either the their own reps or the customers.

    If I order hardware from Amazon, CompUSA, Dell, IBM, etc. I am told before the order is finalized if there will be a delay in the shipping date.

    When I placed my order on Friday morning, I was proudly offered the Saturday delivery option for $19.99 for delivery on the 22nd. If VZW was being swamped with orders as we know they were, why did the system not alert the sales rep that they could not fulfill the order from the warehouse until a future date and why did it not reject the sales rep's entry [and my payment] for Saturday delivery.

    Additonally, when Saturday came and went, the web interface could not even find my order # in the system to give me a status report, like 'won't ship until the next full moon' etc. It appears there are two systems that do not talk to each other. Even by Monday afternoon, I received a reply e-mail from Angela in CS indicating that she could not find the order and telling me to go to the store because they could see things on 'their' system that CS could not. I finally received an e-mail from VZW this morning that my order from Friday has been 'processed' and would ship no later than December 8. That's a long time from the VZW statement that they were fulfilling Friday morning orders for Monday shipment and Tuesday delivery.

    BTW, do ya think they brought in staff to man the warehouses over the weekend to process orders as quickly as possible to reduce the backlog?

    I guess my point is [and remember that I am not a cry baby or a whiner or a guy living the American dream in my mother's basement] that this past weekend's activity points out a serious flaw in VZW's technologies when their own staff are not all on the same system and that it is certainly not on par with most other large retailers. This is in stark contrast with Verizon's reputation for top-of-class customer service.

    I'm doing just fine with my original model of the Moto Q. I will be just fine until the Storm arrives.

    I just saying! [But not a cry baby or whiner!]
    11-25-08 09:51 AM
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    I agree with this person. Verizon has some major growing pains to deal with and it sure does make you wonder why some corporations seemingly ignore the obvious. Not being better prepared for this "iphone killer" is a big time screwup. I think that Verizon will quickly get back on track after the initial burst of people who would buy the phone regardless or people who want to check it out subside and get their storms, everyone will see how fast vz will be back on track.

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    11-27-08 08:38 AM
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    I passed this on guys.. i agree 100% its an anooying thing for reps and even worse for customers.
    11-27-08 08:14 PM
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    On the other hand, I thought the VZW is not prepare "enough" for releasing Storm. For instance, they don't have enough device in their store for selling, and they force their potential customer waiting for your delay - or they think they are BIG !!!

    I don't mean to blame on any Rep or any VZW employees on here, but that is what me and too many people have to suffer - we have no choice.
    11-27-08 08:32 PM