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    I've spoken with Verizon reps in the past, and apparently I have to pay for junk SMS messages that come thru. I have NO idea where people are getting my SMS number, unless they are using random number combination.

    I dont have a text package, because I dont text anyone regularly.

    I would love to find out who these senders are and block them. Nobody, other than 3 specific people, should be able to send me texts. I dont trust the reply stop option either, thinking that's just confirming that spammers have reached an active number?

    94000 160: Says to get hot tones go to ToneRoom on my phone. Is this Verizon spamming their customers??? After searching on line a bit, this may be BlackBerry sending this out? Seems like this 94000 number is familiar, I may have gotten texts from this one before.

    This kind of crap just really ticks me off, because Verizon told me apparently I cant block specific people or senders?? it has to be all or none? It's going to be none, then, because I'm not going to deal with this crap.

    Any Verizon reps, or BlackBerry reps on here who can give a helpful answer?

    ADDENDUM: Used to be a US Cellular customer years ago, with this same cell number, on a non-Smartphone. Could it be US Cellular still using my number to send text?
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    06-30-11 07:37 PM
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    Sounds like a Premium SMS message. You would need to send a STOP message and then have a premium message block added to your account.

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    07-01-11 12:42 AM
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    After researching further, apparently it is from US Cellular. It's their promotion for free ringtone for the holiday weekend. I called them to discuss this, the rep told me to text CANCEL, when I told her STOP didnt end it before. I get a message something about I'm not a subscribed customer of Univision - ???

    She said Univision didnt get the message that I'm no longer a US Cellular customer and that's who's sending? It was suggested I go to a USC store and see if they can remove me off a list. W T H ?

    I guess the only thing to do is call Verizon again and discuss blocking (hoping I dont have to pay for that), and go to the USC store. What a waste of time to have to deal with this crap, infrequent though it is.

    Maybe I'll go post this in the US Cellular section, see if I can find out anything there; as apparently it's not really a Verizon problem.
    07-01-11 06:08 AM
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    Get Google Voice, do SMS through your 3G (you can text through Google Talk if you are on a BB, or use the GV app on Android/iOS), and block all SMSs.
    07-01-11 12:31 PM
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    You are talking about a few cents in charges, BUT I have no doubt that Verizon would reverse the charges for you, but I would probably just let it go, unless you are getting them often.
    07-01-11 08:24 PM
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    If I remember correctly, there is a no-cost feature you can enable on your line called 'Block Premium SMS'. Shouldn't this do what you want?
    07-01-11 08:57 PM
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    Thanks for the last 3 posts, guys. Responses to each of you.
    1. I dont text at all, so I dont need GoogleTalk or any other feature.

    2. A few cents in charges: 0.20 each is not a huge amount, correct. However, I was getting these quite often in the past, and was upset about the possibility of responding (even STOP) to a text would encourage more by confirming me as a valid number.

    3. I have found an answer on another thread here that suggested blocking all SMS text from those except in my address book. I've changed that setting in the security section, so will see if that helps. Also will go to USC local store sometime soon and talk to them about the Univision issue, how to get off that list.
    07-02-11 10:57 AM
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    Update: Maybe this note will help someone else. I've seen this problem quite a bit from other people on other sites.

    I have had premium blocking since February, and the above text came thru in June. I blocked all except in address book. Verizon cust svc reset their premium text block tonite, and hoping that will work this time.

    The Univision number 94000 is for TV Guide Red Carpet something or another. So it's not USCellular to blame. I stopped in there tonite and was informed it's a third party service doing it. I'm guessing my number has been hacked off myxer.com or zedge.com, where I used to get ringtones and wallpaper. I need to go delete those accounts, but is probably already too late.
    07-07-11 07:33 PM