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    I just became a Verizon and Blacberry user(Storm). I live in Florida and have traveled to a few major cities such as Tampa, Orlando, and Tallahassee in the last few weeks, and haven't been able to access the 3G network anywhere. I was told in the Verizon store that the network was having an issue due to the amount of Storms sold, but i was wondering if anyone had anymore information on this?

    Thanks for the help and I'm a proud new member of Crackberry.
    01-05-09 06:09 PM
  2. ok4a56's Avatar
    I had issues last night with the network, but other than that I have had no issues

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    01-05-09 06:34 PM
  3. giantfan30's Avatar
    NOOOOOO not THE network having network issues
    say it aint so
    seriously though none of my friends with VZW have been complaining about problems today so i doubt there is a network wide problem
    01-05-09 06:41 PM
  4. TReal82986's Avatar
    does anyone have any idea why i wouldnt be able to get 3G on my storm then??
    01-05-09 06:48 PM
  5. lastraid's Avatar
    The amount of storms sold, I doubt this would cause your issue. What are you exeriencng that makes you think that you are not seeing 3G?
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    01-05-09 07:04 PM
  6. raylol16's Avatar
    I don't mean to come off wrong but you do know that Verizon will not appear as 3G on the device itself right? You should be gettingl ike 1X EV or whatever it is on Verizon.
    01-05-09 07:07 PM
  7. lastraid's Avatar
    Steal my thunder ray shesh
    01-05-09 07:08 PM
  8. raylol16's Avatar
    Steal my thunder ray shesh
    lol my bad
    01-05-09 07:13 PM
  9. TReal82986's Avatar
    I don't mean to come off wrong but you do know that Verizon will not appear as 3G on the device itself right? You should be gettingl ike 1X EV or whatever it is on Verizon.
    Lol no im a new Verizon user, i just thought that when i changed the network settings on my phone, like switching from global to GSM that 3G would show up. Instead, it goes red and reads "sos" in my service area but says that 2G att and t-mobile are the only networks available, but also, in one of the manuals that comes with the Storm, it shows the connection types and has a picture of what the 3G connection is supposed to appear as on the phone.
    01-05-09 07:20 PM
  10. lastraid's Avatar
    I am starting a new business. Selling small 3G stencils and a can of paint
    01-05-09 07:39 PM
  11. dm3ready's Avatar
    LOL - Best laugh of the day...for me. Thanks!
    01-05-09 07:57 PM
  12. TReal82986's Avatar
    ur so cool, i asked a simple question, didn't need a smartass reply
    01-05-09 07:59 PM
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    not a smart A$$ reply, I respect your question. Just a little humor on the side. This had been asked in other fourms. No hard feelings. Also welcome to CB
    01-05-09 08:01 PM
  14. TReal82986's Avatar
    my bad, so then the manual that comes with the Storm is wrong by showing a 3G symbol?
    01-05-09 08:08 PM
  15. lastraid's Avatar
    YEp, for VZW anyway. All 3G connections for VZW show EV or 1XEV.
    01-05-09 08:14 PM
  16. TReal82986's Avatar
    thank you for the help.
    01-05-09 08:24 PM
  17. 07thking's Avatar
    I have noticed signal issues during really bad weather, but not necessarily while travelling from state to state.
    01-05-09 08:24 PM
  18. jrod3055's Avatar
    Hey Lastraid,

    since you mentioned it 1EVDO and such and I think someone else mentioned signal strength, can the Storm switch from signal bars to signal numbers like you can with other BB phones? I plan on buying a Storm within the next few months and like the seeing numbers instead of bars.
    01-05-09 09:10 PM