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    Originally Posted by skelton
    In a recent call to Verizon to have the GPS enabled Verizon continued to stand to refuse to enable the GPS. Even when the caller explained that they were a Delaware registered Sex Offender and wanted the GPS enabled for personal tracking purposes and support of law enforcement concerns. The Verizon rep refused to pass the issue to his manager and only stated that the person should return the 8830 for a refund and cancellation of services.

    Perhaps it is time for a Verizon boycott, when they have gone as so far as to ignore such an opportunity. While the individual in question is considered "no risk", the fact that they would refuse is beyond acceptable.

    Hopefully Verizon is reading this.....somehow I don't think so...
    WOW that too much let the **** wear an electronic braclet around his ankle like others that need to be monitored by law inforcement.

    I am sorry you could not see me mr policeman, my BB battery went dead, or better yet my memory is low and it froze and I did not realize it. They (Law Enforcement) have special equipment for this. get a grip and stop putting the blame on VZW. SHEESH!
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    Ok...so there are too many replies for me to read EVERY one...but I think the OP isn't saying enable VZ navigator for free...just make it accessible to the police...you have to give your consent/enable it...just my 2 cents
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    i have a number to vzw exc cust relations and she said theres good reasons they block it. mostly security reasons.
    Next time ask them why they don't block bluetooth GPS as well for the same reasons. Watch them scramble for a few seconds like Mr. Rooney trying to find Sloan Peterson's classroom schedule.
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    For a 9-1-1 center to track your phone by GPS, you first have to dial 9-1-1 from your cell phone, and then go into a center that is what they call Phase II Compatible. In the US, only 67% of Public Safety Answering Points can track cell phones. That number may be up now, it has been a while from when I last looked.

    Anyway for law enforcement to GPS any one's cell phone, they will need a Subpoena to do that.

    As for the OP, I agree that they should not give this guy free VZNav. It is not Verizon's responsibility to track these creeps. As as a father of 3, my feeling is take him out back and shoot him. Save us all money, and we would not have this thread.

    Even being phase II does not guarentee we can pin point your location. Most of the time it will only give coordinates for the nearest cell tower the signal hit. Other times it wil give an adderss and thats alledged 95% correct. And we cant track anything we make the call to the phone carrier and they give a general location of the cell phone, which could be anywhere from couple houses down or 5 miles away.
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