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    I have to say vzw is one of the few companies left that is all about the customer. I have only been with the a short time now but with my experience with so far that is what I get

    Like today when I added the thethering plan, the cs asked if I wanted to back date it, or I have been told by a rep and a sup that if you go over your mins , to call the day before your billing cycle ends and change plans to avoid overage fees

    I have been with sprint, tmo, cricket (ok cricket isn't a real cell company lol) and vzw. Never before have the companya told me ways to avoid higher bills, or back dating to help with the bill.

    So many people complain about vzw being expinsive , or that they block things on the BB, which I agree on both. But I haven't had one time where I had any service problems or bad customer service, now on the sales end that's a different story

    I think to many people just like to complain so it makes them feel better. But there is a reason why vzw is the biggest in the USA.

    I'm not for or against vzw, just a happy customer, I would be happier if the would stop locking things on the BB, but that's my only complaint
    And plus I like my corporate discount a get with vzw, I had a choice of vzw or sprint

    Yes we pay a little bit more, but we get better cs and call and data service. I will say this, tmo had decent cs as well and there plans are decent priced. I really had very few problems with them either, and if I did, there cs was always helpful

    The more time we complain about our carriers, the less we can enjoy are BB

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    04-30-09 07:43 PM
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    Agreed. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    04-30-09 10:20 PM
  3. TrendyProfessional1's Avatar
    I am happy with VZW cust support as well
    04-30-09 11:47 PM
  4. ok4a56's Avatar
    Yes we pay a little bit more

    Not by much. I priced AT&T and VZW next to each other with what my plan is, and AT&T only won by a few bucks. Now I did not do T-Mobile or Sprint, because from people that have T-Mobile at work, VZW blows them out of the water on coverage and data speed. I had Sprint in the past, and they just plain suck!

    I do agree, VZW has great customer service, via 611.

    Ya, people gripe about the BB not having GPS other than BBmaps and VZNav, and no wifi. Those are not important to me, and if they where and coverage and data speed wasn't, then maybe I would switch to AT&T.
    05-01-09 06:59 AM
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    Not to go off topic, but I would assume you are a NASCAR Fan. Visit the below thread.

    05-01-09 07:07 AM
  6. Mazda_Speed's Avatar
    I do not like VZW customer support. I think that they lack in that dept. I went with them because of the network. I just wish it was not a dead zone at my house.
    05-01-09 11:48 AM
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    Does the phone work outside? If it does then the problem is the house. If not go to the vzw website and do a search for network extender. This option will help at the house.

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    05-01-09 11:51 AM
  8. Ponderous's Avatar
    I have never had a complaint with VZW's Customer Service. They have always been aces.
    05-02-09 09:24 PM
  9. bb_craze's Avatar
    I think Verizon Customer Service is very good. I have always gotten excellant help whenever I call...no complaints here and I have been with them since 1988!
    05-02-09 09:30 PM
  10. Rob Tuli's Avatar
    I've been with VZW for years now and have never had a complaint. I had both AT&T and Sprint prior and the coverage and CS was far below par compared to VZW.

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    05-02-09 09:41 PM
  11. Darthkuriboh's Avatar
    Thank you. We appreciate it.
    05-02-09 09:42 PM
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    I'm kinda new on here and I've read a lot of pretty nasty stuff about Verizon. I've been with them for a little over two years now (started with a Treo 700wx) and just recently renewed and switched to a Storm and ported three additional phones from USCC. I have never had a problem with their customer service, either in-store on over the phone (and I really had some screwy moments with my Treo). They did have one guy at my local store that was kind of a turd, but other than that I've never had a problem.
    05-03-09 01:05 AM
  13. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    I think verizon is the best.
    05-07-09 04:26 PM