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    Verizon iPhone Release: How To Pre-Order The Smartphone

    Read the above article by Huffington Post dated today.
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    02-02-11 11:14 AM
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    Trade ins are not just for iPhones...

    Verizon Trade In
    02-02-11 11:24 AM
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    Nice rant deletion lol
    02-02-11 11:47 AM
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    Nice rant deletion lol
    Love talking to some of these AT&T folks: "explain to me how you are going to throw yourselves at me for coming to your carrier". Right.....
    02-03-11 09:29 AM
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    I just wanted to see how it would cost to switch and TEP is $10.99/month with a $199 deductible for the iPhone....eeek.
    02-03-11 12:19 PM