1. ew800's Avatar
    I am guessing that this will be all speculation at this point, however I am wondering what some of you think we might see from Verizon for the holiday sales in November and December. With the Storm 3 (or 2.5?) being scrubbed, I am just wondering if we are going to see much new in the area of BB's? I would be shocked if there was not something out to grab sales, although I guess verizon is putting all they can into the Android phones....
    10-07-10 10:58 PM
  2. johntkong's Avatar
    Have you seen the leaked roadmap? We're going to be seeing a lot of android devices coming out for big red.

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    10-08-10 02:48 AM
  3. jlb21's Avatar
    10-08-10 06:42 AM