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    So...after talking to about a million people from Verizon CS, finally I got a girl on the phone that understood my situation ( wanted a discount on the 8830 and willing to renew 2 years, since I've ALWAYS paid full retail on all my phones with them) and let me do the 2 year renewal + discounts.
    She told me to get the data plan $44.99, that way I'd get an EXTRA $100 off the device.
    What I forgot to ask her is if I do pick the $44.99 - to get the discount of course - if I can, later, change to the $30 in case the other one isn't what I need.
    Anyway, long story short..here's the deal I can get:

    $ 519.99 device would become

    $ 399 - 2 yr contract

    -$100 = mail in rebate
    -$100 = off because I got the $44.99 plan

    = $199 for the 8830

    Should I just go ahead and do it??

    Thanks in advance everyone =)
    01-30-08 11:47 AM
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    you get the $100 discount for either of the blackberry data plans. The difference between the two is whether you use BES or BIS.
    BES is for when your company uses a blackberry server. If they do this, then there is someone in your IT dept that can help you with setup.
    BIS is when you have it set up to check your personal emails.
    So if noone has told you differently you probably need the $29 plan, which should still get you the discount.
    I'm sure someone can give a better explanation of BES and BIS. if i've confused anything.
    01-30-08 12:36 PM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    even if he get's the 44.99 pan, it's sales they want you to get the higher up one, but just change it when you get home or ina few days.

    I say it's not bad for renewing up. may I ask how much is on your contract now....
    01-30-08 12:41 PM
  4. grim64131's Avatar
    they will do it for the $30.00 data plan, you dont need the $45 one with the blackberrys...that is just for those motorollas and palms at verizon. That $100 off would be off normally with the $30.00 data plan, that is what they did with mine. That price of $199.99 is what it is online when you click on the phone or at the store with a 2 yr renewel. So it is a good price or typical price
    01-30-08 12:50 PM
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    No matter which way this guy decides to go, make sure that whichever data plan you decide to go with is unlimited!!!!! Don't try to save 5 or 10 bucks and end up getting a 500 dollar data bill because you don't have the unlimited plan. I'm speaking from experience, trust me!!! All because I was trying to save 10 bucks. Don't do it!!! Get your unlimited plan and don't switch anything up when you get home.

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    01-30-08 01:25 PM
  6. dacur's Avatar
    $30/month is unlimited data - that's what i pay (BIS). you don't need to pay the $45 unless the service is being run through your work (on the BES). mine's not, so i only pay $30. texting, however, is extra. but you can add it to your plan along w/ the data service.

    i kept getting the "you'll have to pay full-price for the upgrade" runaround at VZW, too. however, i finally got an in-store rep and her manager to upgrade me to the pearl for $229 (instead of full retail of $419). i had upgraded six months before to the enV, which i turned around and sold on ebay for $229. worked out well for me. just be persistent. they don't want you to leave to go to another carrier. good luck!
    01-30-08 04:21 PM
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    Ok...thanks all for the answers.
    I got it

    It is on the mail...can't wait! And I was able to get the $30 data plan with that discount, no problem. Well..actually, after a lot of phone call to the CS, finally.

    I've been very very indecisive, either stay with VZW or change to other carrier because of the Curve, but, to be honest, I think the 8830 will make me happy...right? ;-)
    Please say yes...lol

    Thanks again.....
    01-30-08 08:28 PM
  8. grim64131's Avatar
    I cant believe Verizons reps are so out of tune with these plans, seems like everyone has problems getting straight answers from them
    01-30-08 10:33 PM