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    I have called on this and couldn't get an answer. I switched from ATT to verizon back in december.I paid my bill with the one time pre authorized payment from my savings account each month while on ATT and never a glitch. I set it up with verizon the same way and paid my first bill with it and got a confirmation of payment. Twelve days later I get a text from verizon payment could not be processed and they rolled the previous balance back into the new balance.
    I should have checked to be sure the draft was taken out but I didnt untill I got the text.
    I doubled checked the routing number and the account number to be sure and they were correct. One thing I noticed was when I set the draft up it was only for checking acct, cc/debit card. ATT had a specified bullit for checking/savings set up.
    I wound up having to set up my credit card to make payment,which went through. I dont want the auto bill pay function because there might be a boo boo in the billing cycle and I want room to investigate why before its paid.
    Should I delete the savings account info and re submit my info,or just retry the current info for the upcoming bill.
    I have already been on the phone with a billing person and he said he didnt know what was wrong and why it didnt accept it the first time.

    thanks for any advice.
    02-03-10 10:15 AM
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    They should be able to see a code that explains why the payment didn't process.

    I've had auto pay for 5 years and only had one problem for $40 so its always been fine for me. It only is an issue for people that mess with their plans and features constantly.

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    02-03-10 11:58 AM
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    Thanks for the reply, no I don't vary with my plan, I just had rather look at it online,go to my bill and hit submit. I can't figure why it wouldn't process,maybe a glitch.
    My daughter entered her number on facebook and for two months she got charged from two different download sites without her knowledge,and if it had been autopay,guess she would still be paying.

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    02-03-10 12:31 PM