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    I have the verizon all in plan with calling, unlimited text, mobile web and Internet. I'm thinking of buying a blackberry and switching my plan to that. Now if I do will I still have my internet on there, if not I don't care, I just don't wanna pay extra for the blackberry data. And I know what's the point of having it with Internet, but oh well, I just need my question answered thanks.

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    Well the bb will require you to have an unlimited data&email plan-for personal us its $29.99 and for corporate its $44.99 - I'm going to guess and say you have the $15 Vcast plan right now-that won't even apply when you get a bb-it'l be just the bb data/email plan to pay plus your regualr mthly bill.

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    Also no need to post twice
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    no way of getting out of a data plan on verizon on a blackberry.

    according to your info, you're on at&t. from what i've read, they let you have blackberrys without data plans, so that might be a better route for you.
    04-25-09 09:35 PM
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    IF you already have the premium plan with your dumbphone getting a BB w/ a data plan is not going to be much more.
    04-25-09 09:40 PM
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    Ditto for T-Mobile: I am using a Curve 8320 without data plan: it works with wifi, more or less. UMA works too.
    04-25-09 09:40 PM
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    Search is a good tool the CB forum provides you with. This is more than a once a week post..
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