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    Corporate MS Exchange connected to a Corporate BES.
    Also configured with Hotmail Account

    About two weeks ago my BB 8330 quite syncing Calendar Appointments. In researching I found that to fix problem, I had to turn off the Calendar Wireless Synchronization off, Save, wait a few moments, turn it back on and it worked again.

    Then a few days later it quite syncing both Calendar Appointments and E-Mails (Both Outlook/BES and Hotmail), as well as no service through the BB Browser (Internet Browser worked OK). I discovered if I turned off the Calendar Wireless Synchronization off, and left it off everything else started working again.

    When it was not syncing, the unit would seem to be stuck in a send/receive mode, and run the battery down in less than 12 hours. In this situation the Send/Receive arrows would flash, than wait, the hour glass would pop up and off, wait, and the cycle would repeat, constantly.

    So in order to keep a somewhat functioning calendar, I would occasionally turn the Calendar Wireless Synchronization on, and let it sync, and then turn it back off. I did this interim action while I waited for our IT Help Desk looked for the problem/solution.

    Well, yesterday I turned Calendar Wireless Synchronization on, and left it on as a test. Well now I'm down on all e-Mail and Calendar and even turning the Calendar Wireless Synchronization Off, and even after powering down, or pulling the battery, no luck in restoring the connection. I'm in the Send/Receive Arrow and Hour Glass cycle.

    Anyone with ideas? The Phone side never semed to be impacted, and the send e-Mail's always worked.

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    08-28-08 11:16 AM
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    get a new one. if you dont watn to deal with the store, call 611 form the phone. you could try a wipe/reinstall of the software/os that might fix ur corruption.
    08-29-08 12:25 AM