1. gariac's Avatar
    I'm a TMobile customer presently, but my phone number dates back to when I was a Verizon customer.

    I got a voice mail for this scam today. The phone never rang. The voice mail just showed up.

    ?Verizon? call is a scam | The Courier-Tribune

    Just a heads up from a fellow Crackberry poster. ;-)

    Posted via CB10
    10-20-14 01:18 AM
  2. Warlack's Avatar
    Cool. A new era of spam voice mails has started.

    Posted via CB10
    10-20-14 01:35 AM
  3. gariac's Avatar
    Note this is spear phishing. Unless they are using a robo-dialer, they are targeting Verizon customers.

    The number was 800-922-9992. My scam was for $41, but this is probably relevant.


    Posted via CB10
    10-20-14 03:46 AM
  4. ojaninoa10304's Avatar
    I really want the BlackBerry passport. Thing is, that I don't think Verizon will carry the device! At least not for a while. In essence this is upsetting and just unfair! Lol, I have thought of getting the BlackBerry Classic when it is released. But honestly I'm kind of addicted to my Q10! I think that it is a stunning piece of hardware. I just don't know or understand why Verizon won't carry the Passport. Sorry for the random rant! I've been holding on to that for a long time.

    Ojani Noa
    10-25-14 01:56 AM

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