1. C-S-R's Avatar
    Earlier this month, I received a software updates notice from Verizon. After a few days of cleaning out unused apps, I decided to update my Q10.

    I Initiated the OTA update process with a fully charged phone connected to Wi-Fi, but the update didn't complete. (The download size indicated 471 MB.)

    When I check Settings/Software Updates, currently installed OS is and when I check for updates, phone indicates that I have the latest software.

    I've also tried to update the OS using BlackBerry Link PC software, but this will not work either.

    Any suggestions or ideas on how to proceed?
    02-27-17 04:16 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Use an autoloader.

    Download to PC, unzip, plug in phone, run it. Done.

    Your device will be wiped in the process.

    02-27-17 04:50 PM
  3. C-S-R's Avatar
    Thank you Conite.

    I think a clean install is the best approach. However, before I wipe my phone, I will first back up an archive of my text messages to my laptop.
    03-01-17 12:37 PM
  4. C-S-R's Avatar
    To follow up on the above posts:

    In preparation of performing a clean install of v10.3.3 using Conite's instructions above, I did a 'Quick Backup' of my BlackBerry Q10 to my Windows 10 laptop using BlackBerry Link software and I also backed up my call logs and SMS/MMS text messages using two different backup utility apps: 'Ultimate Backup' and 'XBac.'

    Before proceeding with the clean install of the OS using an autoloader, I received, yesterday, another software updates notice from Verizon. Consequently, I followed through and was able to do an v10.3.3.1463 OTA update via Wi-Fi. The size of the update was 471 MB and took quite some time to complete. (Per the instructions, I charged my phone during the update.)

    The update completed successfully and everything seems to be working as expected with a few exceptions noted below:

    1) The Snap app v3.0.0.4 that I had previously installed would not work. It would launch and then close. I was able to remove this app using the DDPB desktop program. I have not attempted to reinstall. (Note that prior to updating the OS to 10.3.3, I had removed all Android apps from the Q10 using the Amazon Appstore and Snap app.)

    2) BlackBerry Link software, will launch as before, after renaming Apple's 'iTunesPrefs.xml' to 'iTunesPrefs.oldxml' as explained elsewhere on CrackBerry, but the software will no longer perform a Quick Backup. It starts, grinds around for a while, and then fails. (Note that Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have never been able to do a Full Backup using BlackBerry Link. Only the Quick Backup.)

    I realize that BlackBerry Link is said not to work on Windows 10 PCs, but as I stated above, I had been able to do so previously. Granted, I have not tried to restore from any previous backups, so I do not know if my backups are valid or not.

    Again, I'd like to say that I initially tried to do a Verizon OTA update to 10.3.3, but that update failed, after which my Q10 indicated for weeks that I had the latest software, only to tell me later that an update to 10.3.3 was available and that that update was subsequently successful. I never did do a clean install using an autoloader using Conite's instructions above.

    Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Windows 7 computer in which to use BlackBerry Link. It is such a shame that BlackBerry has not kept their software up-to-date. In my opinion, Link and Blend should have been combined. At the very least, we now need software to extract data directly from prior backup files.
    03-17-17 03:42 PM
  5. conite's Avatar
    Snap is not compatible with 10.3.3. Link and 10.3.3 don't seem to like each other much - stick to Ultimate Backup.
    03-24-17 02:04 PM

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