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    Well I figured I'd post this, wasn't sure if there was any post about it, tried the search came up empty.

    Anyhow it's pretty obvious that VZAppZone was a horrific failure both with content and bugs...

    Verizon has decided to start a new App Store for their smart phones and to open it up to devs and publishers. Even sponsering a contest for the best Storm App. Supposedly their will be a PC version (what RIM just opened) and a linked phone version. Verizon has stated that it is not to compete with RIM, but compliment it. Also Verizon is opening this up for not only the BB OS, but WinMo and all their smartphones. This will not replace or work for the get it now dumbphones. Also payment for applications will be billed to the phone bill.

    Some articles:

    The nation's largest wireless carrier announced its new VCast App Store and showed off a new development partnership with RIM.

    Verizon "Apply your ideas contest"

    Verizon forum post and employee answers on VZW's forums

    Verizon's page on the VCast App Store


    If this is done right combine this with BB AppWorld for RIM users and this could make 3rd party sites die out pretty fast. Especially if its anything like the RIM's app store where devs are putting their content on it and selling their stuff for MUCH cheaper than on places like BPlay, Handmark, etc.

    This would also be welcome news for WinMo users as VZ App Zone is truely horrendus.
    08-21-09 11:38 PM