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    Ok so I am leaving for Vacation in Canada on Sunday , i am thinking i want to get ''global'' put on my account what does the "global plan" come with do i still get my free Verizon to verizon calls? what about my data plan?

    Also i thought about adding tethering to my plan for while i am there, how much is it and is it unlimited ?

    thanks for all the help everyone i appreciate youre help.
    07-15-10 05:38 PM
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    You can have the plus canada added it is about $20 for the month or prorated and any minutes used come out of your bucket of minutes from your plan. Or of not it is .69 per minute I believe. You will need a least a feature called I-Dial added to assure the phone will work there.

    As for data the plan is 64.99 per mont or prorated for the time there. This will give unlim data on the device.

    Tethering is expensive and gives you limit of data of like 100 MB I beleive then you pay the per KB rate. Not sure the of the price off the top of my head. If you can find free WIFI that would be the way to go.

    You can go to www.vzw.com/international for all the procing and details, or call 800-711-8300 - this is the global group for VZW.
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    07-16-10 08:40 PM
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    I was in Ontario June 25th for the bass season opener. I used my phone to check in at home.
    Bill states: 56 minutes voice at .69 cents per minute=38.64 and 402 KILOBYTES data for .80 cents.
    This added up to a total bill of 219.03 on a plan that normally costs me 173.69
    45.34 in additional cost with taxes etc. added in.
    I turned my Data off on my Tour before entering Canada. Where the mystery 402 Kilobytes came from is still a mystery.

    I was told by a friend that TEXTING is supposed to be free if you have unlimited texting in your plan. I am waiting to have this confirmed. Hope this is helpful in your decision. I was only there for 5 days. I made perhaps 5 calls?
    07-17-10 12:34 PM