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    Ok, so since I've had my Storm, I've bought 2 songs. One of them played for a while. Now when I click to play it, it says can not attain license; connect the phone to the computer.

    Then, I tried to buy a second song. However, after 95%, it says license acquisition failed. Retry download. Wth?

    After 7 times, I said no finally. I better not find a $3.00 charge on my phone for a song that would not download. I've tried calling Verizon, but ironically, I can't ever get a hold of someone. If there is a charge, I'm taking my phone back to where I got it and having them remove it.

    I shouldn't have to pay for something that I can't use because I can't acquire the license. I've heard others have this problem on other phones, but that it's legally allowed.

    Is it really V Cast screwing me over, or is my phone not connecting to the download's source correctly?
    01-06-09 01:43 PM
  2. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    I'm having trouble even getting a song to completely download to my Storm. This is the first time I've tried it, and I'm not at all impressed. The song downloads completely, but the progress bar gets stuck at 95% "Completing Transaction". I've left the phone for a few hours, and it never gets beyond that point. I've retried about a dozen times already, but still no luck. I've tried downloading to both the device and to the media card, and I get the same response. My guess is that the last 5% is the license acquisition, and it's not working. I'm so frustrated. If Verizon is going to release apps on their devices, they should ensure that they work properly. If anyone has any tips or advice, I'd love to hear! Thanks in advance.
    02-08-09 10:01 AM
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    I believe there was update to vcast application to fix this. I do not have access to my resources at work right now, but check your applications and see if there is application update for VCAST. I know that if you cannot it, that VZW tech should be able to help. Chack in the applications icon and see if there an avalable update
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    02-08-09 10:25 AM