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    Just wanted to share something i just discovered. The scenario is as follows....I have a BB curve with Verizon & am using Destop Manager for forward emails (i am not hooked into my company BB Server). One thing i do not like about Verizon is that they do not allow Wireless Reconcile (ability for BB to sync with laptop email account)....for example if i am on the road & i get 15 emails & I read 10 of them then you would expect that when i get back to my office my laptop (that is running D.R) should have 5 unread emails HOWEVER because Verizon does not support wireless reconcile I have 15 new messages on my laptop.....Now here is somthing i just noticed....If you reply to one of the emails then when you get back to your office/laptop that email that you repleyed to is read status NOT unread status...so for example purposes if i repleyed to all 15 emails then when I got back to my office/laptop then all 15 would be in the read status.....

    Now anyone help with an explanation or hint/other comments?
    01-26-09 05:40 PM
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    Thanks for the tip, I never used "reconcile" option until now but you have a godd point, I'll remember this.
    Do you know how to make a separate folder on the phone for work e-mails coming on the phone thru D Redirector? Mine are in the same folder with other e-mails like Google and Yahoo (I don;t have unified inbox with sms and mms).And how can I also download the e-mail attachments? 10x
    02-05-09 03:51 AM