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    My work is switching to the iphone5 but letting us keep our blackberrys for personal use.

    How do I just use the bbm? Do I need to have a data plan set up on the blackberry or can I just buy an extra sim card and use the blackberry in WIFI zones or can I get a datashare package with the iphone or will BBM not work at all if there is no sim/data package associated with the blackberry?

    09-14-12 05:36 PM
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    I'm not sure how the share everything plans are set up now with VZW but IDK if They let you buy data only, I could be wrong on that though.

    If the company does let you keep your BB you should be able to get the unlock code for free.
    That way if verizon wants you to buy a share everything plan vs data only, you can get att or TMO sim and it will be less$$$. You will only get edge in the US with either carrier which will be fine for BBM only.
    You'll just have to do the service book trick.
    I'm pretty sure the TMO $30 a month plan give 100 minutes, unlimited text and 5GB data (they call it high speed, but your device will be unable to utilize that part of the network) and I'm not sure how much att charges or if they will do only data.
    Hope that helps.

    bottom line is you will need to pay someone for data to run through BIS servers
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    09-14-12 06:04 PM
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    You MUST have a BB Data plan or feature on your active SIM. WiFI or not.
    09-14-12 06:08 PM
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    If VZW is your carrier, they will not even allow use of any smartphone unless you have the appropriate data plan.
    09-14-12 10:13 PM
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    My BlackBerry Tour still got BBMs and BBM group messages even after I switched to the Bold 9930....somehow hahah. And the Tour was NOT activated.
    09-24-12 07:43 PM