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    So my fiancee wants to get a Curve. She is due for an upgrade. She is also currently on a month to month contract. We are thinking of upgrading my plan, to a family plan, canceling her plan, and just having to BB on my plan.

    The local store guy said since she is due for an upgrade he could get her the Tour for $100. She doesn't want the Tour but is willing to get it since she is due for an upgrade.

    Ok so the questions...would upgrading my plan now hurt me being due for an upgrade next April. Also, would it be possible to cancel her plan and add her current # to my plan (VZW to VZW)? Once that happens would it be possible to transfer my # to her Tour and her # to my 8330? Would transferring my # to the Tour affect my upgrade in April.

    I don't want to lose my upgrade due in April because I am sure there will be at least 1 new BB on VZW and since all new BB on VZW will have wifi I want to be sure my upgrade will still be good in April.
    09-21-09 09:03 PM
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    I recommend she use her upgrade, then you can do an AOL (assumption of liability) for her to yours. She won't have to cancel her line and she can keep her number! You can do an ESN change of any phone to your line.
    So have her upgrade.
    Move her line over
    Take her Tour!
    Fun times!

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    09-21-09 09:27 PM
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    What he said, just make sure your number stays the primary line, or you'll lose your credit. That's what a VZW rep told me.

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    09-21-09 09:35 PM
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    That would be correct. And you can still upgrade on your line in April while you play with your Tour!!!
    09-21-09 09:52 PM
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    If she doesn't want the tour, she could hold off on upgrading and just cancel her plan, get added on to yours and keep her old phone until a phone comes out that she wants. I believe that can be done without any problems and then you'll still have your upgrade for April.

    It sounds a little unfair for her to upgrade to a tour right now, give it to you and then you get to upgrade in April to another new phone and then she'll take the tour that she doesn't really want, ya know?
    09-21-09 09:57 PM
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    Why is that? Then we both win and have a backup 8330????

    She wants to upgrade to a Curve right now and extend her contract. This way come April we can both have a newer BB instead of one us rocking a 8330 while the other has the newest and coolest.
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    09-21-09 10:04 PM