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    I currently own the original BB Tour, a little more than 2 years old now. My NE2 came up this summer, but I was waiting to see what the new iPhone would look like. Now I'm not sure what to upgrade to. I receive about 100 emails per day for work (and send almost as many) and use BIS, but there are other people at work who use iPhones with no problem. But sometimes I need to use the browser, and the BB browser is unuseable with many sites. It would be nice to have some helpful apps, too (I currently only use the Blackberry Travel app and the AP news app.)

    My wife has a BB Curve, and we're on the Blackberry data plan. Her NE2 expires next summer.

    Do I upgrade to the 9930? Wait for QNX? Switch to iPhone 4S? Hand it down to her next summer when the new iPhone 5 comes out? Convert to Android (with which I have no experience?)

    10-05-11 04:39 PM
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    I have a BlackBerry 9650 and an HTC Thunderbolt. If you sent 100 emails a day, I can almost guarantee the default touch screen keypad on the Thunderbolt will drive you crazy. I bought a Freedom bluetooth keyboard for my Thunderbolt. With a real keyboard, it's quite usable. BlackBerry keyboard devices typically have excellent keyboards.
    10-05-11 05:14 PM
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    I was in the same position, do i wait for QNX or go 9930? I went 9930. I love this phone, it blows away my old tour. Not even the same game. I love this phone.
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    10-05-11 05:32 PM
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    I got a Droid 3 and the keyboard is a little funky for usage but it runs good. If you use Gmail for your email it is perfect.
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-05-11 05:33 PM
  5. YourMobileGuru's Avatar
    Get the Bold you wont be sorry

    iPhones suck for a lot of email and a QNX Bold is a year away. Get your Bold 9930 and be happy with it :-)
    10-12-11 01:20 AM
  6. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    I would not recommend something with sole touchscreen if you send that many emails. I was over it quickly when I did. I went with a touchscreen/physical keyboard android when I was able to downgrade. I went from the iPhone 4 back to Droid 2 Global. I just needed a keyboard. I am wanting to give the 9930 a whirl though. I wish I knew someone who had one to mess with it for a few hours. I would go to my local VZW but I cannot stand that place.
    10-12-11 10:33 AM
  7. MissJennell#IM's Avatar
    Everyone telling you to not get the i4s because it's solely touchscreen and you'll hate it doesn't know what they are talking about. That is just their personal preference. I send about as many emails as you do a day plus texting, facebook, twitter, gtalk, google +, tumblr and so on. The all touchscreen works just fine. I can type just as fast on my i4 as I could on my 9930. It really comes down to what you want. I'd say go play with both in store and see which of the two fits your needs better.
    10-12-11 01:56 PM
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    It's not a matter of touchscreen only working or not. It's a matter of are you going to like it... You can still do stuff on a touchscreen only device, but that doesn't guarantee you are going to like doing it. Either you do your don't. You can make autocorrect work, but it can also **** you off to no end...

    Figure out which you are.
    10-12-11 02:12 PM