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    I am pretty new to VZW and blackberry both..I have a Curve and the OS is
    I am seeing OS numbers higher than this are these in beta stages yet as i havent seen anything on VZW site yet about an official upgrade...i have a warrranty plan with my phone and dont want to be doing anything to void that until VZW says this is Offcial. will customers be notified of any official upgrade to their OS or do i just keep checking back at VZW site..

    On a side note i actually switched from ATT to VZW far better coverage in my area as well as prices for the package i was looking at are better and the rebate for the phone was a nice addition...most people I talk to do business with as well as family friends all have VZW as well..

    Who would i talk to about putting in a good word for a local store employee? The sales woman who sold me my phone was by far the best in Customer service I have seen in a very very long time...went through each step with me and went over things very clearly..I was just amazed at the time she took my neighbor coincidentally went and got the same phone at the same store and had horrible service from another sales person..so I wanted to give credit where credit was due..

    05-03-09 02:23 AM
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    Keep an eye out on CrackBerry for latest Os updates official or not. There is an 83xx device subforum which I believe keeps track of latest OS for each device.

    In regards to the customer service I'd say get in touch with that store's manager.

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    05-03-09 02:38 AM
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    Any updates released through RIM on their Official Website are in fact official and safe for your phone. It will not void your warranty if you update your OS directly from BlackBerry's official website.

    When I updated my OS I went to Verizon's website and was re-directed to BlackBerry's website.

    Any OS upgrade that RIM releases is covered under their manufacturer's warranty and should something go wrong, RIM would replace your phone. Normally insurance with Verizon is for when you break your phone through carelessness or what have you.

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    05-03-09 02:48 AM