1. jwjohnson#AC's Avatar
    Here's a heads up. I checked the Verizon online coverage map for Puerto Rico prior to leaving on a 10 day trip. It showed I would have voice coverage on their extended network and data coverage though only at 1x. When I got here I discovered that email, browsing, and texting all worked fine, but no voice. Every time I try to make a call I get the local carrier saying the call can't be completed. After talking to several VZW tech support reps I was told I needed to have the International calling feature enabled on my phone to be able to use their extended network here. It didn't say anything about that on the coverage map. A notice there would have saved a lot of grief.

    Now for the really bad part. VZW activated my International calling, but since I'm already off their network, they can't talk to my phone and it takes them sending a request for the local carrier to manually add me to their network. I was advised that could take from 2-10 days. It's been 4 and still no connection.

    So, if you plan to travel to Puerto Rico, even though it's a US territory and VZW shows coverage here, get your International calling feature activated at least a day before leaving the states.

    01-17-09 08:21 AM
  2. jrod3055's Avatar
    Is this true for any BB or just the Storm? I gone many times to PR and never had a problem, but not with a Blackberry. And did you speak with the local cell company called "CLARO"?
    01-17-09 12:42 PM
  3. rwking's Avatar
    I would believe any BB, this would not be a phone specific issue.

    I was in Puerto Rico in September but using a Voyager, not a BB (currently using a Storm). You have 1X there, can place calls and text but no MMS. Heck, I was even getting txts from El Yunce (I think that's how spell it, the mountain and rain forest).

    But you do need to have International Dialing capabilities enabled in order to dial outside the US and use your service abroad. This is NOT a feature built in to your rate plans. This feature is billing related, if you do not already have it you will need to request it. It requires the last 3 bill cycles current. No past due balances or returned checks. If you have more than 1 account, all account levels will be checked.

    If you are a newer customer with less than 90 days of service, the credit approval department will evaluate your credit report which was used during your initial activation period and a credit representative with ask you a few random questions based on your credit report. As long as your answers are accurate, they will approve you for International Dialing capability.
    01-17-09 04:46 PM
  4. jwjohnson#AC's Avatar
    I haven't talked to Claro, but my understanding is that they couldn't do anything about it without authorization from Verizon, which is coming, but will likely happen long after I'm back home.
    01-18-09 07:49 AM
  5. jrod3055's Avatar
    Jeff, sorry to hear the trouble you went through in PR. I have lived there and also gone to visit my wife's family in some of the outlining areas of the island and have not had any problems in the past. But thinking about it now, this was when Verizon was present in PR and now that CLARO is there, they may have made some changes. Hopefully, someone will come to their senses and put it back to the way it was because it shouldn't take an International Voice plan when calling from U.S. Territory.
    01-18-09 10:13 AM