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    Hello if anyone is willing to trade their Q10 for my Z10 I am willing to trade for it. My Z10 is in perfect condition basically brand new. I will throw in a Z10 BlackBerry battery charger bundle (used), a leather pocket pouch (used), and a Z10 flip shell case (used). I just want a trade no money involved so just let me know. Thank-You

    P.S. It has to be a Verizon Wireless Q10

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    09-21-13 05:02 PM
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    Can't really help you here as my Q10 is not a Verizon Wireless one.

    But out of curiosity, I must ask, why do you wanna leave the Z10?
    09-22-13 09:24 AM
  3. nyzfinestdomini's Avatar
    Well as much as I love the Z10's keyboard, I do not play any games on it and the battery life is not what I want in a phone. I am a huge blackberry fan but I can say that I never owned a physical keyboard blackberry ever and want the Q10 because of its battery life and keyboard as I hear from different people that both of it are amazing.

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    09-22-13 10:39 AM
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    I see. Well, best of luck for your endeavour!

    And yes, the keyboard is amazing. So is the battery life. It lasts a good 30-36 hours with heavy usage which includes gaming, listening to music, watching videos, browsing meme sites, constant IMing, and so on.
    And I even found the camera to be marginally better than the Z10.

    But yes, I hope someone agrees to your request.

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    09-22-13 12:55 PM

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