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    I am experiencing something when it comes to locking the keyboard via the letter "A" key. During the day or night I will lock and unlock the phone many times as I'm sure we all do, however, when I do lock it once in a while I will get a either a white or blue long bar across the top of the screen. It will cover up the date for about a second and it disappears. Has anyone else experienced this same event?

    For the CSR people on this site with VZW is this a problem? I'm starting my 3rd week with the Tour and while I find the phone to be very good I don't want to have it started acting up on me after the 30 days. I did have another problem which caused me to wipe the phone clean and start over. That other problem appears to be fixed, but this white or blue bar is still there. Any help would be appreciated.
    08-04-09 10:55 AM