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    I just upgraded the OS on my Tour to 5.00.732 and am seeing what I believe to be different behavior syncing the Gmail account to the messages folder.

    If I delete a message on the phone, it asks if I also want to delete the message on the "mailbox & handheld" or On "handheld" only. This is as I recall things and this works: when I delete on mail box and handheld, it works as advertised.

    However, If I recall correctly, before the upgrade when I deleted a message on the mailbox it would also delete the message on the handheld.

    Am I mistaken, did it really delete on the handheld? For some reason now when I delete or read on the mailbox the message stays the same on the handheld. I have done a battery pull, set the wireless reconcile option to "on" and have conflicts set to "handheld wins"

    Was I dreaming? Did this ever work the way I recall it?

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