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    Not sure if this has been covered because I cannot find a forum on it. I am not due for a new upgrade for about 6 month but I like to be prepared, and since the holiday is coming up there may be deals soon. So my question is, which is the best phone [I currently have a curve] to upgrade to? should I wait for the curve 2 or is the tour that much better phone? or maybe something farther out that I am unaware of. I would prefer a trackpad but thats not a dealbreaker, I want something fast with a good screen. thanks for the help
    10-28-09 09:15 AM
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    You're probably due for upgrade around time the Essex is due to drop. That is Tour with trackpad and Wi-Fi. They may also see the advent of Atlas, 8930 with Wi-Fi and trackpad. So you have some decisions to make.

    The 8530 is ok, but without flash for camera and lack of GPS.It also has the same screen res as the current Curve. The Tour/Essex are powerful with the World Phone vibe. Depends on what your needs and budget are.

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    10-28-09 09:37 AM