1. MrShawn's Avatar
    its a Nokia something flip phone and I wanted to update the PRL, but its not activated
    07-13-09 06:36 PM
  2. AaronWasHere's Avatar
    Nope, you have to have an activated phone to get the PRL to recognize the device. I do tech support for Verizon, so this is the truth, I promise.
    07-13-09 10:35 PM
  3. goldensnitch's Avatar
    Why do you want to do a PRL update on an inactive phone? Technically you can just activate it on My Verizon, *228, then reactivate your old phone...

    Still curious why though.............?
    07-13-09 10:42 PM
  4. TheBandit181's Avatar
    Just out of curiosity, why would you want to? If its not active it can't make calls. All a PRL update will do is update how calls will be billed on the carrier's end.
    ie home vzw area vs area with roaming agreement vs area without roaming agreement, etc.
    07-13-09 10:42 PM