04-06-09 03:45 PM
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  1. giantfan30's Avatar
    you keep pulling numbers out of your ***....
    any idi ot can get on crackberry and pull numbers out of his *** then use laughable attempts at insults and long B.S posts to try to justify the nonsense that he posted
    waiting patiently for you to justify the flat out b*llsh*t you posted previously.....of course you try to change the subject to some long drawn out nonsense about signal strength

    GSM 3G Real World Operating Speeds = +/- 300-350kbps with 400kbps peak. < pulled outa your *** and laughable at best
    dont bother responding i cant take it anymore LMFAO
    04-06-09 02:11 PM
  2. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    Yeah, yeah, yeah - we know your type - all rhetoric, bluster & ignorance.

    Let us know when you graduate the fourth grade and can carry on intelligent conversations.

    Until then, you're speaking like a no-nothing bozo from hickville.

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    04-06-09 03:45 PM
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