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    I have the family share plan 700 minutes....(1+3=4 phones) with unlimited texting including a Blackberry Tour 9630 with the 29.95 data plan for myself. I have tried to change over to the Canadian plan when ever I visit Canada and the service reps screw up my plan every time when I try and switch back as I re-enter the states. This happened 3X. Wrong plan, preffered discounts dropped, features added or deleted. It became such a punishment to try and switch, I stopped all to geather. My last trip, my bill reflected 45 dollars more for roaming to make 5 calls.... 56 minutes total over 5 days days. Roaming kills me.

    My questions are: If I turn off my data plan on my tour 9630 can I still text?
    Is there a roaming fee or extra charge in Canada to text?

    *My friend claims a Verizon rep. told him there is NO charge for texting so long as you have unlimited texting in your plan, which we do. He says so long as you don't answer calls or make calls....there is no charge to text. I need this verified by a Verizon wizard before we run up a huge bill this summer on vacation! Thank you in advance if you can verify this!
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    This is my plan....it includes UNL TEXT MESSAGING.

    Still need to know for sure that I can text my fellow family members while in Canada and at home in the U.S. with out being smacked with roaming or OTHER outrageous fees.

    AND...if I turn off data on my tour (9630) will I still be able to text?
    07-17-10 12:07 PM
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    I just returned from an Alaskan cruise with one stop in Canada and you might be right, I've been through one complete billing cycle where I got my roaming charges from Alaska but nothing from Canada, I didn't make a call while in Canada but did text and was wondering why I wasn't billed. BTW I did do what you mentioned all week and had data turned off. So for I haven't received any outrageous charges.
    07-17-10 08:44 PM
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    Thanks....I am worried that if we go and use texting as a means of keeping 4 people in touch plus maybe 10 more who we vacation with under the understanding that texting is included....and then it's not....the bill will be out of this world! I have always been disappointed that there is not a more reasonable cost solution from Verizon. I would have thought that by now they would have included Canada. One thing is for certain.....Verizon does not miss a bill opportunity! That's why I am looking for confirmation that texting is included and NO COST with the unlimited texting plan in Canada for American plan holders.
    07-18-10 12:20 PM
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    International Text Messaging
    International Text Messaging
    While traveling in the U.S.,Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico text messages sent to non-U.S. phone numbers of participating carriers will not be applied against any monthly text messaging allowance and are charged the following:

    * $0.25/address sent
    * $0.20/message received

    Text messages sent to phone numbers in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are charged domestic rates per your plan.

    International Text Messaging
    07-18-10 12:36 PM