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    Ok so I usually find cool jokes or articles on viigo and copy the text and place it in an MMS since it had no limit. Now all of a sudden when I send it, people get an error when they try to open it. I can send pics and videos fine. So I called Verizon. They told me that texting in an MMS is not possible. I told them I had been doing it for almost the past year. I stumped everyone after being on the phone for over an hour. They sent me a new phone. Still doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?

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    10-24-08 08:23 PM
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    Looks like VZW rep wasted money and your time. You can add text to MMS DOH! Please check the following.

    • Data Connection (displaying a 1X or 1XEV icon)
    • MMS Servicebooks are present/checked
    o MMS Transport (RIM) [WPTCP]
    o MMS Client [MMS]
    o Wap Push (SMS) [WAPPushConfig]
    o If a red circle appears to the right this could mean the Servicebook is blocked by the BES Server, if you open the service book it will give further detail

    Device Settings:
    If unable to change the below settings and the device is associated with a BES, usually there is a restriction placed by the BES I.T Policy.
    • Verify Device Firewall Settings:
    o Options>Security Options>Firewall
     MMS and SMS: Checked
     If boxes are unchecked and display a blocked count, reset the settings. Press the Menu Key (left of trackball) and choose Reset Settings, then menu > Save
    • Verify MMS settings:
    o Options>MMS
     Multimedia Reception: Always
     Automatic Retrieval: Always
     Allow Delivery: Checked
     Confirm Delivery: Checked
     Reject Anonymous: Unchecked
     Advertisements: Unchecked
    • Verify Browser Push Settings:
    o Options>Advanced Options->Browser Push
     Enable Push: Checked
     If checked, verify
    o Enable MDS Push: Checked
    o Enable Wap Push: Checked
    o Remaining settings: Auto or Allow All
    o Allow Wap Push Applications: Checked
    • Save changes
    10-24-08 08:43 PM
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    Everything you wrote is correct on my berry. Any other suggestions?

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    10-24-08 08:50 PM
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    When you talked to the technician, did they inform you that they checked all features related to your account? If not this needs to be done and you might want them to refresh the account. I just sent a text MMS and I got it.

    If I had my resources with me I could help, sorry. This is the next step though.
    10-24-08 09:49 PM
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    What features? The ones you previously mentioned are checked already. How do I refresh my account? They did have me do some updates by dialing. But that's all I know.

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    10-24-08 10:23 PM
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    The ones I am talking have to be done from the VZW end of the world. They are all account related and need to be done by tech support. Updating your PRL or tower info *228 will not resolve this issue.

    You could try resending your dervice books, but since your other data functions are working, i doubt this will work, but hey I have seen stranger things.

    options>advanced options>host routing table>menu>register now.
    10-24-08 10:36 PM