1. mkusk's Avatar
    I have a problem that I hope someone can help with.
    I have been thru all levels of Verizon support.

    I tethered my 8830 and worked great.
    I then activated it on the BES and it works correctly syncing with BES/Loyus Notes.

    Now when I hook it up to laptop I get an error "Server not responding"

    Is the BES changing a setting on my BB that doesn't allow the tethering?

    09-05-08 01:24 PM
  2. kyriefurro's Avatar
    I wouldn't think it was likely, but from what I understand it's possible. When you hook your BB up to a BES server you're giving complete control over your Berry to your company's IT dept. If they want to block your Berry from tethering, then can....although I can't imagine why on earth they'd want to do that.

    Then again, I just found out that the company I work for has blocked the ability to delete emails from the corporate email servers. So anything's possible .
    09-05-08 03:17 PM