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    Trying to stay out of the back & forth on this one, but I have a question on the amount of training.

    AT&T used to invest 12-14 weeks of initial training into long lines customer service reps. USWest/Qwest used to do 14-16 weeks.

    What is the initial training duration for VZW telephone sales/CS/tech?

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    We get 4 to 6 weeks initial sales and systems training, then we get in-store training, and monthly data device training that has us using the new devices that are coming out. We also get online courses we are required to take and pass a test on every time a new device comes out. Plus we get sent to assorted training classes held by manufacturers as they become available. In addition, we have manufacturer reps who come direct to our stores to answer any questions, as well as multiple online databases to answer any questions we may have. In additon, we have data demo devices that are rotated throughout the store so EVERY REP has the opportunity to use EVERY device.

    If someone isn't taking the time to learn the phones they're selling, or aren't paying attention, that sounds like a personal problem with the rep, not the company as a whole. I always make it my business to know as much as possible about the phones we sell in the store. And I promise you that there isn't a single indirect in my area that knows more about the phones, the service, or customer satisfaction than the direct stores.

    I'm talking to you, Universe Cellular and Dish.

    If you're having a problem with the area as a whole with knowledge, talk to the district manager. That may be what it takes to get things fixed. And if the district manager isn't doing their job, or is letting people slack off, talk to the area president. Our DM and AP are both VERY involved (I love them both like a brother and a dad ^_^) and make sure that people are doing their jobs.
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    I thought I would update since this discussion is still going on.

    Yesterday I finally spoke to the manager of the store in person. I explained what happened and he was shocked and very disapointed. He said he would talk to his tech and go over proper procedure as far as protecting personal information. He said his store takes safeguarding personal information very seriously.

    He offered me a discount off any accessory in the store, which I turned down. I told him I wasnt speaking to him in order to get something, I was just making sure this didnt happen to anyone else. I did mention that I was looking forward to the 9630 when it was released, and he said to give him a buzz when it does and he would see what he could do for me at that time.

    Anyway, so I do think this was a freak incident. I wouldnt hesitate going back to this store (but maybe watching my phone a little more closely with tech...)
    I love you.

    I hate it when managers throw discounts at customers to "shut them up" (I don't mean VZW specifically...). Really, you just want to make sure it doesn't happen again and that things are being done right in the first place.

    Your honesty in the situation and your want to look out for others is truely admirable.
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