03-31-15 09:39 AM
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  1. richrockx's Avatar
    I won't talk you out of it, Verizon is evil, switch

    Via Z10
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    02-15-15 06:39 PM
  2. lift's Avatar
    I agree with the last post. Verizon is very evil. They were tracking people with a super cookie type technology for 2 years!!! As soon as I read about that I left them for AT&T. Verizon does NOT care about their customers at all. They only care about how much money they can squeeze out of each customer.
    02-15-15 09:06 PM
  3. mdbd's Avatar
    I've been looking at the providers/rates/coverage, etc for ages. We are rural, but also need phones in the city AND especially in the UK or traveling/working in Europe.

    I am totally sick to death of AT&T for 2 reasons a) They charge a fortune for data overseas plus also the telephone costs per minute and texts. They have delayed the Classic release to the point at which I have caved in and bought for full price online.

    I am paying about $170 per month for 2 people for 3GB data with AT&T which includes a corporate discount (20%) and one 'next' program phone with them Blackberry 6. Other than that - we don't even have a contract.

    After comparing everyone and checking coverage I went into T-Mobile today. $100 per month for 2 lines, UNLIMITED data, free unlimited data in Europe and free international text messaging. For an extra $10 per month, free international landline whilst I am traveling, 30c per minute cell to cell from UK to US (versus the $1 per minute and 120 MB of data for the extra $30 I have just paid with AT&T.

    It's a no-brainer for me. AT&T are now behind the times with contract and amount of data they give for an exorbitant fee. Plus I hate 'upselling' and the past few times I have been into the local AT&T they have hoodwinked me (and I am NOT a moron by any means) into paying more for the same.

    For anyone who thinks I am biased towards T-Mobile - here's the deal. I used to work for T-Mobile in England (which, in Europe, is phenomenal carrier). We were transferred to the US for work and T-Mobile was SO abysmal that I left the $3 per month employee plan (TOTALLY INCLUSIVE OF EVERYTHING) and went to AT&T. T-Mobile's coverage in my area was absolutely desperate and I told them so, including the big honchos...(that's one benefit of having worked for one of them 1:1 before we were transferred). I've been with AT&T now for quite a few years (during which time I stopped working for T-Mobile and obviously lost the great monthly discounted fee), so I've had more than enough time to see the slowing (i.e. stopping) of anything 'extra' AT&T provides to its customers (me), and the progress (from abysmal) that T-Mobile has made in terms of coverage. I'm sufficiently educated in coverage/dead zones/base stations/investment and infrastructure to figure out whether T-Mobile would now work in my area better than before. I do NOT work for them anymore, but still know the workings of cell carriers 'on the ground' and I don't, at this point, feel I'd get any better coverage from AT&T as T-Mobile has improved here. So, given the major savings (with unlimited data and the lack of international 'penalties' AT&T charges) - I'm heading back to T-Mobile.

    Sorry AT&T; I'm done.
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    02-16-15 06:14 PM
  4. anon(8635265)'s Avatar
    I would choose either att or tmobile. Out of all of the cell carriers Verizon always treated me the worst the more I think about it. Verizon is evil so I agree with what some of the others said.
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    02-17-15 01:24 PM
  5. cdw5510's Avatar
    Vzw is the leader is coverage while att is the leader in data. Imo. I am a vzw lifer however using a q10 as my voice and passport as my work horse while on the road using Hotspot. Passport is one sweet piece of technology. Q10 is a solid phone too.

    Stick it out.

    Remember blend is now out so if you were to switch because of the passport don't.

    Another man's opinion.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-15 08:19 PM
  6. EyesofThunder's Avatar
    Blackberry Passport
    Blackberry Classic

    Oh sorry you wanted to Stay with Verizon? Never mind!

    Posted from my awesome BlackBerry Passport
    03-20-15 01:42 PM
  7. psychodiagnostik's Avatar
    If you have AT&T coverage in your area, & you don't travel around a lot, why not?

    On the other hand, I've traveled a lot for work & I was totally unable to use AT&T. My work switched a lot of field-based folks over to Verizon (thank goodness) & I suspect is because AT&T didn't provide adequate coverage. I'm not referring to way up in the mountains or boonies either, it's even a problem just between cities. For example, traveling up & down the east coast of USA I would drop calls, would miss texts, etc. on AT&T unless I was at least within the suburbs of a major city.

    I now manage a bunch of field-based folks & I can always tell when I'm talking to somebody on AT&T, when I'm talking to them using VOIP at my home office on the other end. The call quality is crappy, they sound like they're talking with a mouthful of food or something compared to Verizon folks. Just something to think about.
    03-29-15 01:27 AM
  8. tli2000's Avatar
    I have 2 phones. One on Verizon and the other on Cricket, which uses AT&T service. I know service varies greatly depending on what part of the country you're in, but in traveling just a couple hours away from home I often lose the AT&T service and still have Verizon. I won't totally leave Verizon simply for that reason. Besides, I love my Verizon Z30 with it's Wireless charging.

    Posted via CB10
    03-31-15 09:39 AM
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