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    I've tried searching the forums, but could not find a answer. I'll be cruising to Alaska and Canada in a couple of weeks. I've checked coverage on Verizon with my plan (Nationwide Basic; the $39.99) and I'm good in Alaska (I'll also be adding on BIS of course).

    Now, I know my phone will not work on the boat unless I want to incur insane charges.

    My question though is, while I'm in Victoria BC can I use my Tour? Do I need to get it "unlocked"? From what I could figure out I'm pretty sure that I would pay roaming for phone calls. But what about text messaging or even BBMing someone in the US (who is also on Verizon)? I've read threads about people texting and BBMing people in Canada at no extra charge.

    Any help would be great.

    07-06-09 08:02 PM
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    You should call VZW and have I deal added to he account. FOr voice you have an option. You can use your existing plan and pay the per minute rate, or change to nationwide + Canada. This plan you can use the minutes in you bucket, but the plan is like 20 bucks more per month and then proated if you switch back to your plan you have now.

    For data - you can global CDMA plan to your device - again a bit more than the current data plan and also prorated when you change it back when you arrive home. With this data plan you can browse and use BBM unlim. If you choose not add this, then you be charge the per KB rate.

    International rates can be found at www.vzw.com/international

    Have a great trip.
    07-06-09 08:28 PM