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    Hello all!

    I am currently sporting the Storm 2. I've had it since March and I really like it. I've been dabbling in some freelance marketing work and I was hoping to switch to a device with a full QWERTY keyboard. I think it will make responding to clients easier.

    Anyway, a friend of mine said I could use her Tour (she just upgraded to the Droid 2 *blesses self*). The only problem is, when you plug it in, the phone initiates and a little battery with a yellowish lightning bolt appears and the phone won't go past that. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why she's willing to give it up so easily. Does any have a suggestion on how to fix that?

    I am due for an annual upgrade in March. If I use her device, will that effect my eligibility? If it will, I think I'd prefer to just bear with the touch screen than restarting the upgrade timer (especially since it's a used device I'd be going to).

    Thanks for the help!!

    11-13-10 11:25 PM
  2. JRZLocal's Avatar
    The battery with the lightning bolt just means its charging. Her battery is probably really dead and just needs to be charged overnight. If there's less than 5% charge the phone won't turn on (has happened to me before) And no activating her phone on your line won't reset your upgrade elgibility date.

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    11-14-10 12:10 AM
  3. anon(141115)'s Avatar
    Blow into the charging port. Its probably dirty.
    11-15-10 09:09 AM