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    Should I limit my use of Slacker radio in fear of using a ton of data? Or does it not use that much data on the Verizon "unlimited" plan?

    I hope this ? makes sense. I guess I'm trying to find out if its bad in any way to listen to Slacker for a few hours each day.
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    02-14-09 02:09 AM
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    answered in ask a rep forum. no need to post twice
    02-14-09 07:55 AM
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    Streaming radio on the device would be considered unlimited. But if you tether, you will have the 5gb cap to contend with.
    02-14-09 07:56 AM
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    sorry Lastraid, didn't mean to post at the same time as you! LOL
    02-14-09 07:57 AM
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    IT happens
    02-14-09 07:58 AM