1. jbronzonie85's Avatar
    I've had multiple friends on the Verizon network recently get the Tour after having a Storm for many months. I finally questioned one of them and they said that if you have valid proof that the Storm is constantly messing up on you (ex. Software) without physical damage they would exchange it for the Tour for free. Has anyone else out there heard of this?
    09-14-09 11:35 PM
  2. Vsp1140's Avatar
    You must have at least 3 documented problems and or replacements due to issues before they will offer you the Tour.
    09-15-09 12:01 AM
  3. ComfortablyNumb's Avatar
    You can get your storm swapped out for a tour but per verizon policy you have to have had three replacements in 90 days. If the third replacement screws up beyond repair you can do a multi-fru to the tour.
    09-15-09 12:01 AM
  4. jbronzonie85's Avatar
    Ah, yeah Brian was on number 7 for the Storm and Gary was on 1 but he knew a sales rep personally.
    09-15-09 12:03 AM
  5. vt-techboy's Avatar
    Is the Tour a lot better? and if so how??
    09-15-09 08:52 AM
  6. jbronzonie85's Avatar
    It really depends on personal choice. I had a Curve and loved it, and then went to the storm. I like the way they have the Storms software laid out into a similar Curve design. So they main different I can tell is touch screen or trackball. Also the memory difference of 128mb (Storm) and 256mb (Tour).
    09-15-09 02:26 PM
  7. TwinsX2Dad's Avatar
    Is the Tour a lot better? and if so how??
    Storm is better built, but Tour is more capable.

    Unless you're married to BlackBerry or need a smartphone today, I'd avoid both of them.

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    09-15-09 02:45 PM