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    After graduated from Medical School, I became an Ensign Physician Navy officer with 4 years active duty and 4 years reserve duty. A month ago, I receive a letter for my 1st duty in Japan, so I will have a military flight on Dec. 9, 16 days before Chirstmas.

    Before I placed my order on Nov. 27, a Rep. "guarantee" that I would receive my phone no later than Dec. 5, agree and confirm order! Unfortunately, after a few days, VZW change their schedule for shipping the Storm to Dec 15, surprisingly! I already tried to talk with too many Reps online, but no one could help me receiving my phone earlier than Dec 9. Even though, a nice lady (Angel - I remember) gave me a phone number of a VZW department in Pittsburgh to ask for any special help for my case. Hopelessly, I just receive an apologize answer from a kind lady whom said that my order will be shipped on Dec 11 .... no exception for me!

    I am really disappointed and give up! However, I strongly understand all the VZW reps whom did try their best to help me, I greatly appreciate your kindness.

    I write these words just for sharing my understanding with those who have been waiting for the arrival of the Storm like me.

    Obviously, I have to leave America without my BB (I have never lived without my BB for 5 years), and again, I have to wait for my Storm ..... in Japan!

    Praying for a miracle .....
    12-02-08 03:18 PM