1. rzacharyuaw's Avatar
    Im trying to set up my laptop to use my Storm as a modem. Here are the first instructions; The problem is when i get to #8 the box isn't empty and I don't know who WDS Teir III is, help please.

    Query the modem, using the modems properties:

    1 Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
    2 Double-click on Phone and modem options.
    3 Click on the Modems tab.
    4 Left-click on the modem installed above. (Standard Modem or Standard Modem over Bluetooth)
    5 Click Properties.
    6 Click the Diagnostics tab.
    7 Click Query Modem.
    8 If dialog shows in the empty box, the modem is responding, then continue with the below steps. Otherwise contact WDS Tier III.
    9 Click the Advanced tab.
    10 Check the Extra Initialization Command feild and ensure it is correct.
    12-25-08 03:41 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    It istelling you to call tech support at verizon. 800-922-0204 for assistance. In order to to do what you are trying to do, you need to add another feature to your account for additional $15 or $30 per month depending on the cost of your current data plan. Beyond that if it is still not working, then furhter trouble shooting is required.
    12-25-08 04:24 PM