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    A couple of fellow cell phone geeks and I were sitting around enjoying conversation and checking out the iPhone and the new Storm. As we clicked scrolled and enjoyed working the devices we started talking about all of the innovations we can do with the storm. Sure some are copies of the iPhone but how cool would it be to have features like Urban spoon, GPS based weather and news and more on your Berry?

    Too bad the innovation conversation was stopped by buzz killer Verizon as they continue the needless crippling of the GPS aka VPS system.

    One guy that had the Storm was very upset because he was told by the rep at the store the GPS does work now, which of course we all know it does not, will not ever period.

    Sunday he went and purchased an iPhone for his tech needs and today he says he is going back to Verizon returning the storm and reactivating his phone since, as he put it, Verizon is a phone company and nothing more. WOW….

    While I do not have a storm it did get me thinking on why I am paying $29.99 a month for the "right" to have email and almost nothing else on my Curve. I mean phone with a keyboard

    Just thought I would share…
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