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    Verizon is willing to let me have a New Storm 2 or a New Tour. I currently have the Tour but I have had sooooo many problems with it. I've had 7 Tours in 6 months actually. What should I get and why? Your thought PLEASE!!!!! You can reply to this thread or send mea PIN message. Thanks!
    12-29-09 11:06 AM
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    Ok, you're new, so I'll keep that in mind. Starting a thread that says "what should I buy?" is going to get you nothing but a lot of opinions, some based on fact, many based on personal likes/dislikes and many based on sheer nonsense.

    There are many threads here that discuss each of the phones. Keeping in mind that the VAST majority of posts here are complaints from those having problems (either legit or not), it can be very misleading as to how well the phone actually works.

    Rather than ask for people to do your homework for you, why not spend some time going to forums for each device and reading what's going on, searching for reviews on each device and then visiting your local shop to physically compare the two devices and play with them a bit? In other words, take responsibility for your own decisions/actions. Once you've done the above, you can then ask some device specific questions before making your final choice.

    Identify your needs. Do you like touch screens? Do you like physical buttons? Do you need WiFi? (I believe the announced, Tour 2 has that, but I'm not totally familiar with the Tour features, so verify that for yourself). How much app memory do you think you'll need? Do you do a lot of gaming (in which case, the Open GL support with the Storm 2 may be something you'd want)? Do you want a large screen or a smaller one? Look at the technical specs and see if the devices have all the features you need.

    I looked at the Tour when it first came out and decided it wasn't for me. I have the Storm 2 and like it very much but that should mean nothing to you as it may not be something you'd like. You'll find tons of people here complaining about their S2 and tons that love it, just as you'll find the same for the Tour, so how can you know based on your question? You've had SEVEN Tours in SIX months? I think you answered your own question! Obviously, the Tour is not for you so why even ask such a silly question?

    Both devices have their pros and cons and only YOU can decide which fits your needs and works for you.
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    12-29-09 11:35 AM
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    I am sorry you have had so many issues with The Tour. I have had to replace it only once and thus far no issues. Like it has been said, you need to check out the phones yourself and come to your own conclusions. As you can see from my opinion, I have had no issues except for one time which was the trackball. It was replaced and all is fine with my BB world. I am not a touchscreen gal . Look at Cnet reviews, be sure this time because it will be your last opportunity. It is great they are offering you a choice and know it will count as your upgrade. Don't let this forum sway you on your decision. You really need to play with the devices and make the choice yourself.
    Good luck
    12-29-09 03:50 PM
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    Wow, seven tours in 6 months, major bummer. I agree with the previous comments to do your own research and play with the phones and reach your own conclusions. Personally I have the tour (2 in 3 months, trackball) and I love it. My daughter has a storm and loves it. I happen to prefer an actual keyboard, just works better for me. So it all boils down to what you're comfortable with. Good luck with whatever you choose
    12-29-09 09:52 PM
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    See if they will let you get a tour2, essex? Looks to be a better phone.
    12-31-09 02:07 PM
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    See if they will let you get a tour2, essex? Looks to be a better phone.
    Yeah that will work good, ask Verizon to give you a phone that they say doesn't exist.

    To the OP, maybe wait a couple weeks to see if Verizon releases any information on when the Tour 2 will be available. It might be available next week or it might not come out till March (or later?) no one knows.

    If you are getting frustrated with the Tour why not just switch to the Storm. It's great phone.
    12-31-09 02:15 PM