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    Just saw it was available on VZW website for those who care I guess I should have put this in the other forum sorry. Well at least people can have it now. $279 with a 2 yr contract and $100 online discount = $179.
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    10-27-09 11:22 PM
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    Vouch... i saw it too
    10-27-09 11:37 PM
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    Cool right on.

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    10-27-09 11:42 PM
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    Did it disappear or am I just missing something?

    Edit: NVM.. I found it.. had to enter another zip and it came up.
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    10-28-09 01:05 AM
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    Interesting, wow they must've just put it up.
    10-28-09 01:08 AM
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    Interesting, wow they must've just put it up.
    I think it's location specific..

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    10-28-09 01:14 AM
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    Man... If it was only 3 months ago and I was still somewhat interested in this phone...

    After laying hands on some real phones lately (Droid, TP2, Imagio), this phone really doesn't do it for me anymore....
    10-28-09 01:27 AM
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    Man... If it was only 3 months ago and I was still somewhat interested in this phone...

    After laying hands on some real phones lately (Droid, TP2, Imagio), this phone really doesn't do it for me anymore....
    My thoughts exactly...

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    10-28-09 01:29 AM
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    Man... If it was only 3 months ago and I was still somewhat interested in this phone...

    After laying hands on some real phones lately (Droid, TP2, Imagio), this phone really doesn't do it for me anymore....
    My thoughts exactly...
    I knew I was right when I said you guys were some of the most intelligent people here who weren't swayed by hype.

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    10-28-09 01:35 AM
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    Would you mind finding the post where you said that? So I can quote it and put it in my sig... haha

    But honestly I was deep into the BlackBerry hype, even just months ago when the Tour came out. No other phone on the market was on my mind. I was in the Tour forums, passionately arguing with the people who said the phone was nothing more than a face lifted Curve...

    Times have changed...

    But ironically, it was coming on the CrackBerry forums, and reading some persuasive posts (many by Twins may I add) that really opened my eyes...

    This and also a good friend of mine, who knows business quite well, was also saying that RIM was counting too much on their user base and hype to keep their devices rolling off shelves, and that their OS was dated.

    But like I said before, I still do work with many colleagues who are dedicated BlackBerry owners, and think that WinMo is too complicated, slow and clunky; and that Android isn't an improvement over BlackBerrys; and don't even know about what Samsung's OS and Maemo will have in store for us...

    A couple of them are good friends of mine, some of them actually have their BlackBerry because I talked them into it. Now here I am, three months later telling them they need to get off that ship before it sinks... And so far, they've really been sold by the Droid... I think its a great phone... But still want to look at the HTCs... Either way, if I get the Droid and something better comes out, I'll just buy it too....
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    10-28-09 01:50 AM
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    Well I only posted it to show the people who wanted one and were in this forum it was up. I don't want one either. I didn't want a Tour and I don't want a Storm 2. I definitely want to check out the Omnia 2 and the Droid phones. If the Passion or whatever VZW calls it comes out when it is rumored to I want to check it out. I doubt I will ever buy a BB again. I just need to decide if I want to go WinMo or Android. Unless there are other choices coming.
    10-28-09 09:19 AM
  12. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    And its bogo....
    storm 2 will not be bogo
    10-28-09 09:35 AM
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    2-yr Contract Price $279.99
    Online Discount - 100.00
    Your Price $179.99
    Add to Cart
    Buy the BlackBerry Storm2 and Get a select BlackBerry or Mobile Broadband Device FREE
    with 2yr activation per phone


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    * Touch Screen
    * Camera 3.2 Megapixel
    * Visual Voice Mail
    * Bluetooth
    * Quad Band GSM / 3G UMTS
    * V CAST Videos
    * WiFi

    Stay connected to the people, places and things that matter most with the new BlackBerry Storm2 9550 smartphone. Stay entertained with V CAST Music w/Rhapsody and V CAST Video on Demand. Get more out of life, with tons of great apps available, added Wi-Fi, next generation SurePress touch screen technology and a pre-installed 16GB microSD card for your multimedia files like videos and music. Stay connected, with a solid BlackBerry smartphone messaging experience on a touch screen including features like push delivery, instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace access, plus email and text communications. And have fun, with the largest BlackBerry smartphone browsing experience, a large, high-resolution screen, 3G technology and video recording capability. Its powerful, impressive and out of the ordinary and its everything you expect from a BlackBerry smartphone.
    Business customers (5 or more lines of service) interested in purchasing a global calling plan or global feature with the BlackBerry Storm2 must call a sales representative at 18008994249. If you are not a business customer, you will be able to purchase a global calling plan or feature by visiting a retail store or calling 1 800 2 JOIN IN.

    * Network Support: Dualband 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO Rev. A networks; QuadBand: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks SingleBand: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks
    * SIM Card: preinstalled in BlackBerry Storm2
    * Memory: 256MB Flash Memory, 256MB RAM, 2GB Onboard memory
    * BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 Integrated Email, Phone, SMS, Browser, Calendar, Address Book, and additional organizer applications
    * English, French and Spanish language support
    * BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) add up to 11 email addresses to the BIS, including 10 supported email accounts and one BlackBerry email account
    * BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) works to provide functionality such as single mailbox integration, remote address book lookup and more (1 email address)
    * SurePress touch screen (touch and click action)
    * Display: High resolution (480x360 pixel), 3.25" color, TFT LCD. Supports over 65k colors
    * 16GB microSD card installed (supports up to 16GB)
    * OnScreen/virtual keyboard portrait SureType, QWERTY and multitap, landscape/portrait QWERTY
    * 3.2 Megapixel Camera w/Flash, autofocus, IS 2X digital zoom and Video Capture
    * Integrated speaker and microphone, Handsfree headset capable (3.5mm 4 Pole)
    * WiFi ready (802.11 b/g)

    * BlackBerry Media Player
    * Bluetooth (v2.1) including A2DP for Stereo sound
    * Ring Tones: Polyphonic (MIDI/MP3) + vibrate
    * Text, Picture, Video and Instant Messaging
    * VZ Navigatorsm and VZ Navigatorsm Global capable
    * Visual Voice Mail compatible
    * Mobile Broadband Connect capable (Windows only)
    * Instant Messaging applications for BlackBerry
    * V CAST Music with Rhapsody (Subscription, Wireless & PC downloads)
    * V CAST Video on Demand
    * Password protection and screen lock
    * Total Equipment Coverage is Available


    * Dimensions: 4.4" (H) x 2.4" (W) x 0.53" (D)
    * Weight: Approximately 5.5 oz. including battery
    * Standard Lithium Cell (1400 mAh)
    * Usage: Up to 330 minutes of talk time OR
    * Standby: Up to 269 hours
    * SAR Information: 1.01 W/kg at ear; 0.63 W/kg on body
    * Hearing Aid Compatibility = M3

    * SurePress touch screen
    * 3.2 Megapixel Camera
    * 16GB microSD Card preinstalled
    * Global SIM Card preinstalled
    * BlackBerry Media Player
    * Bluetooth* Stereo Support for Listening to Music
    * TTY Compatible
    * Hearing Aid Compatibility = M3
    For details on Hearing Aid Compatibility, see About Us Accessibility.
    * Meets FCC SAR limit. Manufacturer's highest FCC reported SAR 1.01 W/kg at ear, 0.63 W/kg on body. Actual SAR may vary.
    For more information on Radio Frequency Emissions, see About Us Wireless Issues.

    *The RIM BlackBerry Storm supports the following Bluetooth profiles: Headset (HSP), Handsfree (HFP), Serial Port (SPP), DialUp Networking (DUN), Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) and Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). OBEX Profiles: PBAO.

    The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties of and trademarks or registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited used by permission.

    Support information for this phone
    Included Accessories

    * Lithium Ion Battery (1400 mAh)
    * BlackBerry 3.5 mm Stereo Headset
    * BlackBerry MicroUSB International Charger with BlackBerry International Adapter Clips
    * USB Cable
    * 16GB microSD Memory Card preinstalled
    * SIM Card preinstalled
    * Quick Reference Guide
    * Global Support Kit
    * Tips Foldout
    * Documentation Kit (including BlackBerry Tools CD)

    * WiFi Ready
    * Domestic/International Voice, Messaging & Email Service (Global SIM preinstalled)
    * V CAST Music with Rhapsody (Subscripton, Wireless and PC downloads)
    * VZ Navigatorsm and VZ Navigatorsm Global
    * Visual Voice Mail
    * V CAST Video on Demand

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    10-28-09 10:28 AM
  14. tsguy52's Avatar
    Funny how they post the Droid on the site the same day... It's like "hey don't go spend all your money on a Storm! Pick me!!"

    I also find it pretty hilarious that the iDon't commercial fits the Storm pretty well besides a few points...
    10-28-09 10:37 AM
  15. MrShawn's Avatar
    I am going into the Verizon store right now, idk if I will get it or not.
    10-28-09 02:41 PM
  16. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    I am going into the Verizon store right now, idk if I will get it or not.
    Went to the Verizon store over lunch. I've had the 9530 since the day it was released last November. Now that I have, I personally don't see the need for upgrading, unless WiFi is a killer reason. The SurePress technology in this one is definitely more "fully baked", meaning that's how the original should have been, but I've done some work-arounds on mine and I have no problems typing. However, I FLEW typing on the demo unit in portrait mode, but I still find typing in landscape mode very difficult because you have to move your thumbs too much.

    What is cool about the screen is how it really doesn't "click" when it's locked. You cannot press it down. I also like having the "3G" logo instead of 1XEV, but that's also not a reason to upgrade.

    Suffice it to say, I'm going to stick with mine. The lack of WiFi is fine, everywhere I use my phone (except airplanes -- but I plug in my laptop), I have EVDO coverage. The ONLY THING that would make me absolutely want to jump on the S2 would be if VZW offered UMA like T-Mobile.

    Otherwise, it's the same phone ... and probably why they're still 50% stocked from this morning's release
    10-28-09 03:02 PM