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    A guy I worked with got a storm and for the first time i got to use it, and I must say it is a sweet phone, the keyboard is a little wierd to get use to, the buttons are bigger that my curve but I keept fat fingering, I like that you can turn the screen and the keypad goes with it, the video trailer that came on it was beautiful nice clear picture, came with two games and an 8 gig card, I was impressed I only had it about 10 minuts so I couldn't get a real good feel for it, but on a first impression I must have it!!! But I don't think it is a phone for everyone like the curve, I think the curve you can put in anyones hands and they would would get one. But the storm I am not so sure. Just my opinion,

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    02-24-09 04:46 AM
  2. ScottRPriester's Avatar
    You are 100 percent correct in your observations.

    When people come in and are torn between the Curve and Storm, if they seem the least bit uncomfortable with the Storm, I recommend the Curve.
    02-24-09 06:31 AM