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    i thought a thread that didnt ask when the preorders will be shipped would be refreshing. Anyone come across any VZWs or Best Buys that got their z10s in already?

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    03-26-13 09:01 AM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    I doubt my Best Buy would have any Verizon Z10s right now. It is the worst. My Verizon store might. If I get a chance, I will definitely check.
    03-26-13 10:24 AM
  3. dman2009's Avatar
    I called two Verizon stores..no dice. I also called a Best Buy and they said no stores in the area had any in stock. I'm in Orange County, CA.
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    03-26-13 01:45 PM
  4. d_amador's Avatar
    What city?
    03-26-13 01:49 PM
  5. kefoxy's Avatar
    I doubt my Best Buy would have any Verizon Z10s right now. It is the worst. My Verizon store might. If I get a chance, I will definitely check.
    I beg to differ...my Best Buy is the worst. I stopped in over the weekend just to check out the T-Mobile Z10......not a sign....not a phone.....not a knowledgeable person in sight.
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    03-26-13 02:01 PM
  6. dman2009's Avatar
    Irvine. The Verizon reps said they wouldn't be able to sell them until the 28th regardless.
    03-26-13 02:01 PM
  7. kpxstar9's Avatar
    My store just got some in stock today. Can't sell them till the 28th
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    03-26-13 02:32 PM
  8. BernFlo's Avatar
    I'm going to go over to my Verizon store tonight before they close and plead. Okay, I'll cry if I must!
    Come on Big Red, Give em up!!!
    03-27-13 08:09 AM
  9. pirarre's Avatar
    I got a Bestbuy Store and Verizon Corp. Store right near one another. As well as a Bestbuy Mobile in the mall. I just went to the Bestbuy store and preordered me a White Z10. The rep didn't know how many and if any preorders was made before me. I just hope that this preorder process isn't like the mess that happen when the iphone 4s came out. In which Bestbuy took all these preorders and never received the phones till like a month later. I'm gonna go up to Bestbuy in tomorrow morning to see if my preorder is there and if it isn't, I'll just cancel it and go over to Verizon and buy one. The only reason why I preordered at BB in the first place is because there's no restocking fee if I decide to return/exchange the phone. Whereas Verizon has a $35 restocking fee.

    Do anyone think that there will be a low stock of devices? I was thinking probably not because a lot of people don't know about it and plus the lac of apps will be a deter a lot of people away. Most people don't know you can sideload Android Apps onto the the phone. But their lost is our gain

    Anyways, I got my fingers crossed...it's gonna be nice to try something different for a change.
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    03-27-13 10:42 AM
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    My Verizon store received a shipment today but i pre ordered from Best Buy and they claim they get shipments in on thursdays. Sad thing is last week they got a truck on monday that consisted of their ATT Z10s

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    03-27-13 10:48 AM